Book of the Month Club; A Review

BOTMI have done and spent my fair share of money on book boxes from various book companies. I was a member of the Book Riot Quarterly Box and Book Riot’s YA Quarterly box for a good year, along with being an active member of the Uppercase Box club for around a year. So needless to say, A LOT of money when towards extra books last year and I am sad to say that the majority of those books are still hanging out on my book self waiting to be read. I love the idea of having a book subscription box that would surprise me every month but there was something about those boxes that made me call it quits. Between books that weren’t really something I would consider picking up, or the tons of bookish stuff that came with the boxes, something wasn’t fitting. As a desperate book lover, I roamed the internet looking for something that would feed my bookish heart, and low and behold I found Book of the Month! Praise the lamb!

Book of the Month Club started in 1926 in New York by Harry Scherman who would send out great new books once a month to members to read, enjoy and pass long to those around them. Thus Book of the Month was born, and 90 years later, not much has changed in the club. New books are still being sent out monthly but there is now more books to choose from, instead of one. The books are chosen by a panel of book lovers, bloggers, and celebrities who want to share their recent book discoveries with the world. Each month, the selection is presented to the members and they are able to choose which book they would like to be sent to them. Each month is different with the choices and judges of which books they present to the BOTM members. It is pretty much a book club of the biggest book nerds getting together to share their latest obsessions, finds and devotions with other book nerds.

What I love the most about BOTM from the other subscription boxes is that I just get the book. The other boxes are great but I actually just wanted the book instead of a book and 4-8 extra bookish items that came with it. I like bookish items but sometimes I got things I would never use or need, which seemed a little pointless. I also love that I have the option to choose what book I wanted to receive, and have the option to choose multiple books for $10 extra. Are you kidding me?? $10 is so cheep for a hardback novel! I love the selections of book that I can choose from, I like the option of choosing other books from previous months or from the same month, I like that I have the option of skip a month if I have enough to read or do not see anything that catches my eye, I like that I just get a book – plain and simple, and I like that I can do a multiple monthly subscription with a discount so I am saving money in the end. I love Book of the Month! I love everything about it and most of all, I love the books I have received. I was given The Queen of the Night, Eligible, and The Nest so far on my subscriptions and I love my selections! I am one very happy bookworm! I don’t think I can venture to another book subscription ever again, since I have been so happy with my membership with Book of the Month.

So, if  you need a book subscription box in your life but want a little more control, options and less fluff,  then Book of the Month Club may be right for you! They are constantly having promotions and deals for their subscribers, so I would check them out. However if you like bookish fluff and being surprised every month with different book or books then I would diffidently give Book Riot Book Mail a try, or Uppercase Box if you want a YA book delivered every month. Both are fantastic book subscription boxes but just not something i am looking for personally. Plus Book of the Month gives the books at a much cheaper discounted price on new hardback novels then you would find on the internet or bookstore. Yes, it is cheaper than Amazon! Shocker I know! I would give a look-see on their website and maybe try out one of their promotions and see what you think of this no none sense, shoot them straight book subscription box!

Book of the Month 

Have a great weekend everyone! If you need me, I’ll probably be reading by the beach or somewhere that has air conditioning! Stay cool! Happy Reading!

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