Thank you for coming to my Donations page. As you may have wondered, I currently do not charge authors or publishing companies for reviews on my blog. I do this so that everyone has a chance to get a fare review whether you are a new author looking for exposure or a seasoned authors looking for new readers; everyone has a chance to get their work reviewed by me. However, if you feel like giving a donation because you like my work or you received a review from me and want to give something in return, then I would love for you to do that. All donations go towards things revolving around this blog: new books, blogging convention passes, transport to and from bookish events, and book fair passes to name a few. There isn’t an obligation to give, but if you like to then you may. Thank you for being a loyal follower of this blog. I appreciate all the encouragement and love from everyone to share my love and passion of books. The Donations Button can be found on the Sidebar under  the Social Media icons.

Happy Reading!

Kaitlin xo

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