Book Tour: Boston

bostonHello world! I am back from my lovely weekish long vacation in Boston! I loved being in one of the cities that helped shaped the country I live in. My inner history nerd was ecstatic with all the history surrounding Boston, and getting to see where the Boston Massacre took place, Paul Revere’s house, and the infamous church where Paul Revere took his ride. I loved walking the old streets, eating delicious food, and visiting buildings and monuments that have been around for over 250 years. I  know in the age of the world, these buildings are still young but I was passionate about seeing the buildings that help shaped America’s history. But enough about history,  we are here to talk about all the wonderful bookstores and bookish things I found while traveling Boston. As a bookworm, I am always eager to see what Bookstores/bookish things each city/state/ country has to offer and explore, and Boston did not let me down. From small bookstores on the street to one of the oldest libraries in the country, Boston has a little bit of everything for everyone.

Boston Public Library: Built in 1848, the Boston Public Library was the first large, free library in the United States. With a blend of old, and contemporary architecture, the library is a wonder for any visitor. With marble floors, painted murals on the walls, to the latest technology in the childrens, and teen room, this library has everything. Plus the main reading room in this library is stunning. From the rounded high ceilings, the old leather-bound novels, and even the little green reading lights, makes this the perfect atmosphere to study, read, or just sit somewhere to beat the Boston summer heat. Worth the visit if you want to mix history with your love of books.


Harvard Book Store: Located across the street from Harvard University, this little bookshop has a mix of the latest novels from fiction and nonfiction, but also has a used bookstore in their basement! *gasp* This bookstore has a little bit of everything! You get the old and the new with this quaint little shop. It is perfect, and there is a decent coffee shop down the street, so you can go get coffee after making a dent in your bank account from visiting this shop.

Brattle Book Shop: This bookshop was a lovely discovery. Located down an alley way, next to a tequileria, in downtown Boston, this used bookstore has all the things needed for all the book lovers. Their store is small and stuffed to the brim with used books, but on the weekends they have a discounted section located in the vacant lot next to the shop. The lot is filled with discounted books from $1 to $5. There is isn’t a rhyme or reason to the book lot but that is part of the fun of exploring and digging into the stacks of books. I managed to locate a used copy of Dead Presidents: An American Adventure into the Strange Deaths and Surprising Afterlives of Our Nation’s Leaders, which has been on  my Amazon Wish List for a few weeks so YES!!!! WINNING!!


Barbara’s Bookstore: This stand is located in the Amtrak South Station in Boston, which was a pleasant surprise to stumble upon. The stand is small but if you are in need of something to read when waiting for your train, it is perfect for you! Packed with the latest best sellers and new releases, this was a fantastic discovery when you want to read the newest books to hit the shelf. Not really the ideal space if you wanted to browse the shelves, but somewhere when you need something new and something fast to pick up. Great discovery and I wish all train stations/airports has something like this.

Trident Bookstore and Cafe: I didn’t get a chance to stop by this place when I was in Boston, (NOOO!!) but I felt like adding it to the list since it was on my original list of places to visit. With a winning combination of a cafe, and a bookstore, Trident is the perfect stop for any foodie/bookworm. Apparently their breakfast is on point and I am a little upset that I didn’t make it over there when I was in the city. I guess I will just have to go back and visit Trident on my next adventure to New England.

Old Corner Bookstore Building: Built in 1718, this building was in the middle of the literary mecca of Boston during the publishing rise in the mid 1800’s. Although it is not a bookstore anymore, this historical building helped to distribute important flyers and documents to the public during the American Revolution and other important dates in Boston’s history. Worth the visit!

When you are in Boston, be sure to visit one or two or all of these bookish sites on your adventures! I was suprised not see any major bookstore chains while  exploring this incredible city, which made me even happier to see the success of many independent bookstores. If you are a fan of exploring small, indepedent bookstores then you need to plan a bookish vacation to Boston.

Happy reading!

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