2016 Read Harder Challenge

book riot


Hello 2016!! I know we are already a few days into the new year which means, READING CHALLENGE TIME! Last year I did a reading challenge by Pop Sugar, and this year I am doing the Read Harder Book Challenge from Book-Riot!

I admit, in 2015 I became a book riot junkie and visited their site at least once a day to read articles or listen to their latest podcast(I wrote a post about my favorite podcasts, you should check it out here). So when I read a few weeks go that they were hosting a Read Harder Book Challenge for 2016, I was excited to get on board! I think this book challenge is a little more attainable since there aren’t as many books as the 2015 book challenge, and they touch upon different themes that the previous year. There are some categories I am not thrilled about finding and reading books from, but I am willing to take a leap of faith when it comes to books. I am always looking for new authors, genres, or themes to explore when it comes to reading. So I am eager to tackle this Book Challenge! I may not write a review for all the books I read, but I will be sure to mention them in my What I Read Wednesdays, some other posts, and maybe do a book review here and there for the ones I really love. Click here for the original blog post from them, and here is a link to the PDF printable version of the list to fill out on your own.

Let me know what book challenges you are participating in this year or if you plan on doing the Book-Roit Read Harder challenge with me!

Eager for all the new books I will be exploring this year, and excited that I am taking you along the ride with me.

Happy New Year! Happy Reading!

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