My Favorite Literary/Bookish Podcasts


Podcasts are all the rage, well at least in my social circle they are, and there is a podcast out there that will cover your every need. There are podcasts about politics, cosmetics, dating, relationships, and even podcasts about different U2 albums, which is ran by Adam Scott from Parks and Recreation. It’s hilarious! You should check it out! It’s called U Talkin’ U2 to Me?, and you need to listen to it if you are a Park and Rec’s fan like myself. But I thought I would take a moment to talk about my favorite literary or book podcasts. I love listening to podcasts while I am at work or taking long road trips somewhere, and there are different ones out there for your book loving needs. Here is a list of some of my favorites:

All the Books; Hosts Liberty Hardy & Rebecca Schinsky

This podcast can be found through one of my favorite bookish websites, Bookriot. I mean, I could write a post strictly on my love for Bookriot but I won’t. However I have a deep love and appreciation for the All the Books podcast. The podcast mainly talks about what new books are coming out each week, and Rebecca and Liberty talk about their favorites for that week. They are insightful, clever, deep book nerds (which I love), and hilarious. I have a reminder on my phone as to when new episodes will be up, I am that obsessed.  If you want to be in the know about new books and you love cats, check out this podcast.

Mission: Authors Talk About it; Hosts Doctors Rob and Janelle Alex

This podcast is an interesting twist on how book interviews are being done. Drs. Rob and Janelle are talking a new step towards interviewing up and coming authors, and allow the listener to gain a better understanding of the author and their work. They are brilliant, curious, avid readers who love books, and are eager to gain as much knowledge about books and the authors who write them. If you are curious of the thought process behind books and learning more about authors themselves, then you should check out their podcast. They are always on the lookout for author’s to interview, so if you are an author with a new book coming out then be sure to check out their website as well as their podcast.

Books on the Nightstand: Hosts Michael Kindness and Ann Kingman

I love the wide range to topics that are talked about on this podcast. They focus on everything from book recommendations to author’s interviews to even behind the scenes of working in the publishing industry. Both Michael and Ann have worked in the publishing industry before so they know what they are talking about. I love their passion and how well-informed they are about all things book related. They are a joy to listen, and their podcast is one that I listen to on a regular basis. If you want to work in the publishing industry and looking for book recommendations, then I would add this podcast to the list of “Things you should do every week.”

Get Booked: Host Amanda Nelson

This is another Bookriot podcast; I told you I was obsessed. This show is a bi-weekly which talks about book recommendations on various topics and genres. This is a relatively new podcast, but I am loving the concept and Amanda’s approach to books. I love that the topics are not basic genre recommendations but one that are original and exciting to learn about. The podcast “Calling for Comics” is incredible, and as someone who is just getting into Graphic novels, it was a way for me to learn about other GN’s out there.

Dear Book Nerd: Host Rita Meade

Okay, this is my last Bookriot podcast I swear, but this podcast is just so good! It is like one of those advice columns, but it is designed to answer all problems that bookish people have like buying too many books, being in book ruts, etc. This bi-weekly show is a great way to understand any problems you may have as a bookworm and that there are answers to your problems.  Rita is amazing and has the ability to give advice in an eloquent funny manner that is enjoyable for the listener.

You can download all these podcasts from the Podcast app on any smart phone. If you do not have a smart phone, I can’t help you there but you can listen to them through the websites that I have provided. I usually listen to them via website from my desk but if I am on the go then the app is always helpful. I hope you guys take a moment to check out these Podcasts and give them a listen! They are a nice breather if your eyes are a little tired of staring at books or your e-reader all day but you still want to be involved in the bookish world. Have a go and let me know yours thoughts! Also be sure to share your favorite Podcasts!

Have a great day!

Happy Reading!

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