Competition! Just to say Thank you!

It has been one month since I started on this blog and the adventure that this blog offers to me; personally I thought I wouldn’t have made it past the first week but here I am 4 weeks later and still rolling! I have received such kind words from people about this blog and I am so thankful for all you out there giving me support and reading what I write. I just wanted to give something back to my viewers as well as celebrate my 1st month anniversary of A Comfy Chair in the Corner. I know you are all wondering what the prizes are… well I am going to give away a book and a little accessory to go along with it. The book can be any book that I have mentioned in this blog, don’t worry it will be brand new and was not owned by me before hand. Or if there is a book you REALLY want that I have not mentioned then you can ask for that too, but I have to be able to get it in the UK. The accessory will depend on who wins, it could either be a book mark, a reading light, a book bag, or something else dealing with reading. So just a few rules and things you need to do to enter this contest:

1)      This competition is world-wide, it doesn’t matter where you live; I will ship internationally.

2)      You have to enter a comment below telling me your favorite book you read in the past 6 months.  The comment has to be for this blog post only, not for future or past posts.

3)      You also in the comment should say which type of posts you enjoy as a reader or you can make a suggestion as to which posts I should do more of.

4)      The winner will be chosen at random through; I put in the number of entries and it chooses a number, then whoever is the number in the queue is the winner!

5)      The contest is for one week; so it’s open till next Wednesday the 2nd of March. It will close at midnight on the 2nd, Pacific Standard Time. I will choose a winner on the 3rd, and post it on the blog as well as send them an email. You will have to email me your home address and which book/accessory you would like to receive!

6)      If you are under the age of 16, ask your parent for permission to give out your address.

That’s it everyone! I look forward to hearing about which books you have been enjoying!! Thank you again for all your support and encouragement for me and this blog! Have a good day everyone!!

Kaitlin xoxo

4 thoughts on “Competition! Just to say Thank you!

  1. Well, my fave read recently has been one of the Penguin mini classics by F. Scott Fitzgerald called Babylon Revisited. I am not normally one for short stories but each one in this edition was captivating and so well written that you really related to the characters and their problems from the start. There was a real sense of loss, frustration and tragedy in the stories even though they were short.

    I love your posts when you are discovering genres that are new to you and also when you relate the books to places you’ve been to or things you are getting up to in your own life. That always makes me chuckle. Keep writing those posts!


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