Modern Girl’s Guide to Vacation Flings by Gina Drayer: A Review

Vacation flingAhhhhh…… Vacation. Who doesn’t love going on vacation? Whether it’s for a weekend, a week or a few months, the vacation is quintessentially the best thing any of us do in our lives. I work a lot and usually end up working crazy hours (depending on the season/time year) but I always look forward to a vacation. Vacations are usually a time of getting away, doing things you love to do, and have the ability to relax and enjoy yourself.  Of course, what would a vacation be without a great book to have with you?? Choosing a book to bring with you on vacation can be a daunting task. Do I want a large book or small one? Do I want something serious or something light-hearted? Physical book or E-book? I find that physical books are better for a quick get away, and E-books are better for the longer adventures. I am learning to love my E-reader more as something I use when I am on the go and when I am traveling; it is the best thing. So when Netgalley and Victory Editing sent me the E-book, Modern Girl’s Guide to Vacation Flings by Gina Drayer to download to my Kindle, I was excited to find a good summer read.

Beth Riley is on the run; running from her family, her sister, and the drama that the two bring together. Beth’s sister’s wedding is drawing close, and watching her younger sister walk down the aisle to her ex-boyfriend is more than Beth can stand. To escape from the pressures of watching her sister take a life that could have been hers, Beth books a Transatlantic cruise to Spain one month before the wedding. Just the thing she needs to clear her mind and the drama, until she meets Matt. Matt Carver is the man every woman dreams of; successful, handsome, wealthy, talented, and even has a family who love and adore him, which more than he would have likes. Matt’s family has no problem with meddling in his life, and seeing that he settles down with a nice woman. Matt, unwillingly, agreed to go on the Transatlantic curse to celebrate his parent’s anniversary along with the rest of his family, and with that a sudden urge to kill them all before the curse is over. Luckily, Matt meets Beth and she may be the savior to all his family problems. Stuck on a boat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Matt and Beth may be the answer to the issues both of them face. Can they keep their sparks strictly to their vacation or is it bound to spill into their real lives? Modern Girl’s Guide to Vacation Flings is a everything a good summer reads, and much, much more.

There are a few things that make a great Chic Lit novel; witty writing, steamy chemistry, a sexy man, funny banter between characters, and a story line that sucks you in, and Modern Girl’s Guide to Vacation Flings has all those qualities. The chemistry between the Beth and Matt is electrifying. You can feel the passion sizzle between the two of them, and there is always the question looming in the air… will they or won’t they? Gina’s writing is sharp, quick, funny and absolutely brilliant! She manages to keep the story going and allowing the characters to work and grow throughout the novel, which is what all great novels need. The intimate scenes are sexy without being too sexy that they take away from the book, and the book has just the right amount of sex appeal to keep a reader engaged. It is a fantastic balance between sexy/steamy romance and the quick, dry humor of a proper chic lit novel. There were scenes where I was literally laughing out loud. The characters were lovely, the writing was hilarious and stupendous, which makes it a great additional to any summer reading book.

Modern Girl’s Guide to Vacation Flings is the ideal companion for a day at the beach, by the pool or even enjoying while you are jet setting your way to a tropical paradise. I managed to finish this book in a day, and had a difficult time putting it down. I have also heard that is it the first book in a series that Gina Drayer is in the process of writing. I am looking forward to the other books in the series, and other books she is will be writing in the future. I would highly recommend you add this book to your summer reading list! You will thank me later!

Modern Girl’s Guide to Vacation Flings came out on 4/30/2015. You can download it from any online book retailer.

What books have you added to your summer reading list? Are there specific books you keep stowed away strictly for vacations or the summer?  What do you like to read during the summer?

Happy Reading!

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