Queer Eye Goes Literary

naturally tanIn honor of it being Pride Month, I’d thought I write a little review on a book about some of my favorite people, who just happen to be gay. When Queer Eye came upon our screens in the middle of 2017, I fell in love with 5 gorgeous men who were doing everything in their strength to make someone’s life better, in addition, to slowly changing us all from the inside out. Jonathan, Antoni, Karamo, Bobby, and Tan, not only were making us cry all the ugly tears, they were actually showing Americans and the world that you cannot be judged on outward appearances.

The original Queer Eye for the Straight Guy came out in the ’90s and was revolutionary for the decade. Five Queer men were making over and transforming straight men, and allowing America to see that there wasn’t a reason to be prejudice towards gay people anymore. It was mind-blowing and later would pave the way to allow Queer Eye to be rebooted in 2017, only with a new modern twist. There were 5 Queer gentlemen, only this time it wasn’t just straight men getting made over, it was straight men, gay men, straight women, queer women, transgender people, and everyone in between. No one was out of range to receive the love, care, and attentiveness the boys had to offer to their “heroes”, as they are called on the show. They have taken the world by storm with their hilarious interactions, live-giving advice, and tear-jerker moments. They truly are one of a mind.

After taking over Netflix & Instagram, the next phase would obviously be taking over the literary world with not only their own book but each of the boys sharing their personal journeys by writing books of their own. Karamo & Tan’s books are out now, while Antoni’s & Jonathan’s books are due out in September, and Bobby is too busying building his gorgeous website to write (for now). I admit I have only read Tan’s book, Naturally Tan, but I plan to pick up the rest of the books later this year. I was the most intrigued about Tan’s life and how he got to be where he was because he is the most reserved one on the show. The viewers of Queer Eye learn a little about everyone else’s background but Tan has always been a bit of a mystery.  I was very excited when St. Martin’s Press sent me an early copy (WOOHOO), and honestly, I could not put it down. It was written better than what my own expectations were going into it. It was witty, cheeky, insightful, powerful, and the book read as if I imagined Tan sitting in front of me telling me his story. For someone who was very private about his past, he has had such a unique life and thought-provoking experiences that I felt honored to read what he was willing to share. I couldn’t imagine a life like his and all the things he needed to overcome to become the man he is. I sport the “French Tuck”  in my daily wardrobe, so Tan has influenced my life in numerous ways not only with his fashion advice but with his story.

Below I have listed all the books related to the Queer Eye gents, and I hope you take time to pick up one or two, adding them to your TBR, and driving into their incredible stories.

Other books about and by the gentlemen of Queer Eye : 

Queer Eye: Love yourself, Love Your Lifequeer eye

Naturally Tan by Tan France

karamoKaramo: My Story of Embracing Purpose, Healing & Hope by Karamo Brown

Antoni in the Kitchen by Antoni Porowski (Out Sept. 9th)

Over the Top: A Raw Journey to Self-Love by Jonathan Van Ness (Out September 24th)


Just a little disclaimer: Yes I am a straight, Christian woman wring about Queer Eye for Pride Month. Yes, I love Queer Eye, & yes I have friends who are part of the LQBTQ+ community. No, I do no hate members of the LGBTQ+ community for my beliefs, and I love them all for who they are. Jesus called for us to love God will all our hearts, & all our souls, and love our neighbors as yourself. So that’s what I am doing, I am loving them. We are not calling to oppose those who are different, who live different lifestyles, we are called to love and accept others, as God loves and accepts us. So, those of the LGBTQ+ community, I love you, I accept you, and I’m with you. I felt like saying something because I don’t hide my faith, but try to live it out the best way I can. I am not perfect, but I choose to love, not to hate.

Happy Pride & Happy Reading!


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