Nothing to Read

nothing to read“So many books… with nothing to read” was the problem I was facing last night. As a book blogger and a book worm, I have my fair share of books to choose from, however I sat on the floor of my room and couldn’t find anything to read. While in the middle of finishing Paula McLain’s new novel (out in May), I left the book at work and then needed to find something to tuck into before bed. What to read? What to read? Danced in my head as I poured over the piles of books in front of me. Historical fiction? Already in the middle of one. Non-fiction? Before bed, no thank you! Fantasy? I have a million and a half fantasy novels and I am still a little burnt out from them. So that’s a negative. Romance? Not in the mood. Christian? I am still processing that last book, so need a break. I don’t have any YA, how is this possible?? I don’t have any short story collections either, what is going on?? Am I the only one with this problem?? I should have something to read, what is wrong with me? 

So what did I do? After being frustrated beyond belief, it dawned on me that I am starting to see a pattern of the books that are being asked for review or are being sent to me. I do love historical fiction and fantasy but I actually, genuinely, need to start asking for books that are outside of my comfort zone. I did get burnt out on thrillers some odd years ago and haven’t reviewed anything sense, but I am not concerned. There are plenty of other bloggers who will read thrillers/mystery novels till the day they die; not me. I also am very selective about what I read before bed, which is often why I choose short story collections because 1) easy to read 2) if I fall asleep, I do not feel guilt about missing what I read 5 pages earlier 3) I can’t get so caught up in the novel that I cannot go to sleep. That probably won’t change anytime soon, my life wont allow me to stay up till 3am because I couldn’t put down my novel. Those days are pretty much over.

Back to last night, I didn’t have a short story collection handy and I couldn’t find the new Stylist Essay Collection anywhere, must have lent it to my roommate, so I picked my a random middle grade novel that was sent to me. Mind you, I have never been sent a middle grade novel before and the only think I’ve read close to one is Harry Potter. I fell asleep 5 pages in, not because it was boring but it’s been a week and the book did its job. But reflecting back this morning, I saw the cracks of my book collection. Books that were the focal point a few years ago have taken a back seat, and now other books are more prominent in my daily reading habits. It also made me realize that I need incorporate more light hearted novels, especially with summer around the corner. Every novel I had in my hot little hands were deep, thought provoking, intense novels, which are fantastic but for going on vacations and sitting pool or beach side, I need something else. I need funny, I need romance, I need silly, I need chic-lit, and I need entertaining. I love Kristin Hannah, but I wouldn’t bring her books with me to Mexico to enjoy by the pool. Maybe last night was the lightbulb in my brain telling me it is time to switch out my novels from winter and step into the sunshine of spring and summer novels.

Now, I am on the hunt. I am hunting for the books I throw into my beach bag, in my carry on for weekend excursions, and books to enjoy before laying my head to rest (mainly short story collections). Books that are funny, engaging and the light hearted novel I won’t feel bad about putting down for a quick dip and cocktail. Summer, I am ready for the smell of sunscreen and a delicious light novel in my hands.  Who knew a night of frustration could lead to a bunch of epiphanies not only on my reading habits but what I had in my possession.

What books, genre,  or authors do you recommend  for a good summer read? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Reading!

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