What I Read August/September 2016


Oh it feels so good to be back! The past two months have been a whirlwind of busyness mixed with novel preparation, vacationing to Yosemite to tackle mountains, work, church, and not much blogging has been occurring. On top of it all, I caught the nasty flu that is going around and proceed to binge watch Stranger Things and  American Horror Story instead of reading. When I am sick, the last thing I want to do it pick up a novel and dive into something that requires by drugged up brain to function properly, no thank you. Hello Netflix! So this list should be fairly short for the past two months but since I am going on sabbatical from some areas in my life, I am looking forward to all the reading I will be doing in the next few weeks! Let’s get to it:




The Light of Paris by Eleanor Brown ( Historical Fiction): A tale of a young woman discovering her grandmother’s journals as she is off discovering Paris during the roaring 1920’s. A book of self discovery as you witness the growth of a young woman in Paris, along with another young woman finding herself after a devastating realization of her life. I haven’t read many novels that take place during the 1920’s, and this novel was the perfect introduction into 1920’s historical fiction. It also renewed my love and devotion to Paris and I am dying to get back and wander the Parisian streets, taking in the atmosphere and getting lost in the ” city of love”.  If you are looking for another Paris novel to add to your TBR (there are quite a bit on the market right now), then I would highly recommend The Light of Paris. 

Flight Pattern  by Karen White ( Modern, Contemporary, Fiction): I read 50 pages of this novel and just could not continue on. I wanted to like it, but nope. Maybe it was my mood of when I picked this up but I just didn’t want to read another novel about a women with family issues and secret keeping. It has come to a point where if you have read one like it then you have read them all. Boring, next!

The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead( Historical Fiction): By far one of the best historical fiction novels I have read this year! Extremely dark, insightful and had a sharp tone of reality that laced itself through out his novel. It is clear that writing about a topic like slavery can never be easy, but Colson did just an incredible job bringing a terrible moment in our history to light for his readers. He wrote it in such a way that the reader felt like they were in the story along with the characters, witnessing the tragedy and rooting for them to succeed in finding a new life in the north. This novel was an emotional journey, but worth the struggle of reading such an incredible piece of fiction. Looking forward to reading more of his work.

Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi (Graphic Novel): I know I am late on the bandwagon of this graphic novel but I love it! I borrowed this book from a friend and was eager to get back into the graphic novel game.Graphic novels are great opinions if you want to read something but do not want the effort of a novel and it something great to pick up if you are in between novels to keep your momentum going. I love them and this one was a nice break to have between historical fictions.

The Rogue Not Taken by Sarah MacLean( Romance, Historical): After reading The Underground Railroad, I needed a break and something light-hearted to keep my reader mind going, and along came Sarah MacLean. Her rendition of ” I hate you but I want you” story had me at the edge of my seat. I loved the character development and her take on strong female characters in a Regency romance is refreshing to read. Her romances have just enough steaminess to them to make you heart skip a beat without feeling like you may need a shower to cool yourself off. All romance should have some steam to them, and I love that Sarah just gave enough to keep your reader happy and eager to continue on with her novel. I was recommended her work by a friend and I have to admit, I am a convert and will most likely be purchasing all her books.


A Scot in the Dark by Sarah MacLean( Romance, Historical): I read The Rogue Not Taken so quickly that I immediately pre-ordered A Scot in the Dark, and upon arrival didn’t sleep for a few nights because reading about “I don’t want you but I do” romance taking place in Regency era are kind of my jam. I loved A Rogue Not Taken so much that I was a little reluctant to leave the romance genre, I wanted more and A Scot in the Dark was the perfect little morsel of a novel to help with Regency craving. Just the right amount of steam, passion, and angst to keep this reader happy. *sigh*

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch (Science Fiction) : This novel was insane! I know it is the “it” novel right now and it makes absolute sense why it is so. Blake sends his readers on a roller coaster ride of parallel universes and mistake identities that stretch the imagination and reality of anyone who picks up this novel. I have been recommending this book non stop to all my science fiction loving friends since I devoured this books in a matter of days. By far one of the best sci-fi book I have read recently. A treat, a journey and definitely worth picking up.

Currently Reading:

With Love from the Inside (Contemporary Fiction): A story of a woman on death row, and as she is approaching her execution date she is desperate need to get a hold of her estranged daughter. As a dual perspective of mother and daughter characters, they must come to terms with the past and decide how they wish to define their finals days together. Such a moving piece of work so far, loving every minute I spend in this novel.

The Hour of Land (Nonfiction, Memoir):  A topical memoir about National Parks written by a poet? Oh why not. Terry’s language of this word is just exquisite, and I am happy loosing myself in her tone and description of the lands that make the US such a beautiful country. I love falling asleep to her words every night, and since it is a fairly large novel, it is going to make me a while to finish it. I’m not mad.

That is it gang for August/September! I really am hoping that Southern California will get some fall weather soon so I can wear sweaters, drink latte’s and stay indoors enjoying great books! Also fall is the time of year where a ton of new books are coming out so be on the look out for more posts and reviews from me in the coming weeks! Excited to be back at it and writing once more!

Happy Autumn! & Happy Reading!

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