What I Read June/July

queen of the night

In June and July, I swept through books as fast as I could. Maybe it was because I was on vacation or that everything I was picking up was incredible, but I read WAY more than I read last summer. This is a long post, so I am going to stop rambling and get on with it:


The Crown (Fiction,YA) –The Final installment of the Selection Series, and I admit, I am a little sad that it is over. After spending long nights pouring over these pages and loosing sleep trying to find out who will end up with who, I think I will miss this series. It was truly one of a kind, and even though The Crown was a lot shorter than the other novels and the ending was a little predicable towards the middle of the novel, I still liked it. The Selection Series is the series I request the most to anyone looking for something fun, and exciting who do not mind reading YA.

The Crown (The Selection)

I Almost Forgot about You (Fiction, Contemporary) – This book is a hilarious take on a over 40 year old African American Doctor who had a revelation about her life. After coming across news that an old lover suddenly passed away, Georgia decides to reach out to all the men she loved in her life; from old boyfriends, old lovers, ex-husbands, friends, and acquaintances, Georgia will have to dig deep into her past in order to move into her future. This was actually one of the first fictional books I’ve read this year that actually laughed out loud. There were moments in this novel where I was on the verge of crying I was laughing so hard. Georgia goes through the typical events of life when you are trying to make amends for the harm you have caused. It was a refreshing contemporary novel that was funny, and had enough gumption to keep a reader inthralled in the pages. I throughly enjoyed this novel and appreciated the chuckles and the belly laughs along the way.

I Almost Forgot About You

Rich & Pretty (Fiction, Contemporary) Wrote a review on this last month. I had mixed feelings but it was an overall positive experience. Check out my review here.

Rich and Pretty: A Novel

If I Forget You (Fiction) – Short little read that I loved immersing myself into after a long day. You know those books where not a whole lot happens, but is just a quite novel about two people meeting once more after years of separation? This book was just that, and it was perfect. There wasn’t drama or thrills that keep you engrossed in a book like this, but just the simple, delicate novel about every day people and I freaking loved it. Not many writers can pull of the simple, mundane life well but Thomas Christopher Greene does that with such poise and elegance. It was lovely, and even thought I finished this book in a day and a half, I loved every minute I was in it. Such a special treat.

If I Forget You: A Novel


Eligible (Fiction, Contemporary, Chic Lit) – I have a deep love for anything Jane Austen, so when I saw this book coming out, I immediately added it to my Amazon Wish List. I took it with me on vacation and loved it so much!! Modern Pride & Prejudice is just too good for words; I had the same feeling you get when you are surrounded by puppies as I did reading this novel. I was just overcome with such joy that this book was coming out and it was a joyous to read as well. Full review found here on my Summer Hit List.

Eligible: A modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice

Tyranny of Petticoats (Short Stories, Historical Fiction) This is the only short story collection that I liked. I kid you not gentle reader. I have a strong dislike for short stories and especially short story collections. Maybe it was my days in English class in university that made me hate them, but when I see one in the shelves of a book store, I frown and turn away. But for some strange reason I picked up this collection and fell deeply in love with it! It could be that they were historical fiction short stories about kick ass women, so I think it was that original concept that drew me in. So good! If you are like me and can’t quite get into the short story thing, I would pick this up. It is also ideal for someone who wants to read but don’t have the time, you can read one story a day and still feel like you got a lot out of it. Each story is wonderfully intriguing and insightful about different women, in different periods through out history. Definitely worth the read, especially for those who loath short story collections.

A Tyranny of Petticoats: 15 Stories of Belles, Bank Robbers & Other Badass Girls

Nine Women, One Dress by (Contemporary, Fiction) This book was a delightful, girly surprise to come across and obtained managed to obtain an ARC for it. It is the story of how one dress transformed the lives of nine different women, and how their lives changed from wearing a special dress. It’s like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants but with women from all different ages, and stage in life. I loved it! Review can be read here on my Summer Hit List post.

Nine Women, One Dress: A Novel

The Queen of the Night (Historical Fiction) –  I finally got around to finishing this bad boy, and it loved it! There were moments that I had to put the book down, or need to back track slightly since the story would jump from past to present within the same chapter and  I needed to figure out where it was going. But overall this is a beautifully crafted piece of historical beauty! Alexander’s craftmanship is stunning to read and his ability to go into detail without overwhelming the reader is fantastic! I haven’t read many books taken place in France as a historical setting, but I really need to read more of them! If you are looking for a longish historical fiction to immerse yourself into, then pick up Queen of the Night! 

The Queen of the Night

The Hating Game (Fiction, Contemporary, Chic Lit) –  I blew through this book in one day! I started it on my lunch break on a Friday and finished it later than night. It is the perfect fun, light, silly chic lit novel needed to lighting you TBR list. I love discovering fun little books like this to read, especially when I have been in constant deep historical fiction novels. Sometimes I need a little book break from the books I normally get sent or pick up. Great find and I enjoyed every minute I spent in this book! Full review found here on my Summer Hit List.

The Hating Game: A Novel

Big Magic (Nonfiction) – From the author that wrote, Eat Pray Love, Elisabeth Gilbert does an incredible job of writing nonfiction, even when it is not about her life. Big Magic is written as tool to help and encourage your creativity. I picked it up when I was in a slump in my “creative” life; I was writing, research for a project and working on lighting shows for church, and felt as if I had nothing left to create. My mind was dry and everything seemed blah.  I picked up Big Magic in hopes that it would inspire me to get my creativity flowing again.I did like Big Magic  and it is a great book to have to encourage you in your creativity. There wasn’t anything deep or meaningful about her book but after reading it I did feel inspired and motivate to ” get back out there”. If you are feeling dry or uncreative then I would give this book a try. It’s an easy read, so it shouldn’t take it a long time to finish.

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

A Night with Marilyn Monroe (Fiction, Contemporary) –  I had mix feelings about this book. I love the concern of Marilyn Monroe showing up and giving you advice about your life but the main character was driving me a little crazy. What woman after a certain age doesn’t have their crap somewhat together? I mean  no one is perfect but come on lady!  *ugh*Longer review can be found here on the Summer Hit List post.

A Night In With Marilyn Monroe (A Night With…)

Braving it (Non-Fiction, Memoir, Outdoors) – This is a story of a father and his daughter adventuring in the Alaskan Tundra, and how they overcome their struggle, their fears, as well as sharing a love for the great outdoors. I had many thoughts and desires of living in the woods some day, but then I read this book and maybe living somewhere near a mountain will do just fine. To read and witness what Jim and his daughter went through on their Alaskan exploration made me appreciate those people who are true mountaineers and backpackers who go weeks and months in the wilderness, away from civilization. I love hiking and camping and being outdoors, but after a few days, maybe a week, I miss the shower, my books, and my bed. This book was a fun adventure to witness and read the incredible things Jim and his daughter did while traveling in the Alaskan “bush”. Such a fun read, and if you like memoirs about hiking or outdoor things, then you should pick up Braving it.

Braving It: A Father, a Daughter, and an Unforgettable Journey into the Alaskan Wild

*Phew* on that’s it for the months of June and July! July was definitely a reading rampage month but it was so good! Have you read any of these books? What did you think? What are you currently reading?

Oh also, Let me know of you are on Litsy! Will follow you for sure!

Happy Reading and stay cool in this heat!





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