What I read April 2016

readingWell apparently April was a terrible month for blogging and for reading. Not only did I not post a single article, but I really only finished one book this past month. Such a sad, sad month for Kaitlin and the Comfy Chair. I am not sure what lead on this book/blog drought, but a combination of book boredom, and busy life is the cause for the disappearance in April, I think. It wasn’t due to the my lack of books, I have enough books to review to keep me busy for the next 8 months, but I was a little book frigidity, and annoyed with the lack of excitement I have not been feeling from reading as of late. Will promise to do better for May! I know this wrap up will be the shortest, and the most boring wrap up in the history for The Comfy Chair, I still left like I should post something. So, without further adieu, let’s talk books:

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes (Fiction, Contemporary) This is the only book I read, finished and liked this month. I know the movie is coming out in June, and after crying through the trailer endless times I decided that I needed to pick up this book. Me Before You is a beautiful, heart breaking novel that literally shattered every bit of my book loving heart. I loved reading the story that Jojo has brought to life, and getting lost in a relationship that was doomed from the very first page. I cried for a long period of time after finishing this novel, and if I think about this book longer than necessary, then I feel my eyes welling up once more. The only other book that had an impact like this on me as The Fault in Our Stars, and I could still cry if I think about that book for too long. This book is incredible, and diffidently worth the read. Jojo has an incredible talent to take flawed characters who you would hate in any other situation, and write them in a way that the reader ends up loving them and rooting for them by the end of the novel. I know there is a sequel  Me After You, but  I am not ready to have Jojo rip my heart out again.

Me Before You: A Novel (Movie Tie-In)

Keep Me Posted by Lisa Beazley (Fiction, Contemporary)  When I was sent this book from Penguin, I was really excited about it. Unfortunately, I got half way through the book and stopped. I just could not move on from that page and every time I tried picking it back up, I groaned and put it back down. The book was about two sisters who decide to start exchanging letters to build a strong relationship. The letters are going will, exchanging gossip and secrets between the two,  until all their letters are reveled and what was once a kept secret has become visible for the world to see. First off, the letter part was such a small part of the book. It would have been cooler if the book was just full of the letters they wrote to one another, but nope, it was full of terrible characters and having difficulties being a mom. First off; not a mom and second; you only really got one side of the story. I was more curious about the other sister and what her story was instead of just hearing from the one side. Poorly executed, so much potential, very unhappy. Glad I stopped. Maybe it could be better fitted for Mom’s who have sisters and they could relate more but I just got lost and felt it was a little pointless. But that could just be my age and stage of life speaking.

Keep Me Posted

Travelers by Chris Pavone (Thriller, Action, Fiction) This book was the least exciting thriller novel I have ever read. It is the equivalent of your friend telling you all the details of an action movie he saw, but you were unable to go. You are witnessing this movie from the words and perspective of someone else instead of witnessing it first hand for yourself. Good thriller novels make you feel like you are right there with the characters, that you are part of the story and what is going on. This fell so short of what I was hoping, I quit reading the book half way through. Oh not to mention, this book is a hefty one of over 400 pages *dead pan face*… you cannot have a boring action novel of over 400 pages, it goes against the book rules dude! Ugh, so once again book disappointment.

The Travelers: A Novel

So that is it with what I am finished reading, here is what I am currently reading:

Smoke by Dan Vyleta (Historical, Fiction) This is a huge book of 500 pages, and it is very Dickens like so it has taken me a LONG time to get through this one. I am in the last 100 or so pages so attempting to power through. Have mixed feelings about it, trying to remain positive.

Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin (Young Adult, Historical, Fiction)  Currently sitting in the middle of this novel, not sure if I want to pick it back up or just allow it to collect dust.

Scarlet; Book Two of the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer (Young Adult, Fantasy) This is one book that I am soooo excited to start! After dragging myself through a few terrible, long-winded books, I need to go back to what I know. I will be taking this and Cress (Book Three), and  If I Forget You on my weekend get away; there will be hiking, camping, and reading in the outdoors, I am so ready for this.

Thank you for sitting with me as I rant about books and how April 2016 was a terrible month for books in my life. May shows much more promise! Be sure to share what you are hating or loving at the moment in the comments below.

Side note: How is everyone feeling about the new Harry Potter story? I know it is a play and all the Potterheads are going nuts over it, and I’m just feeling “meh” towards it. Not really that excited about it, and will wait to see the reaction of the story/play when it comes out.

Happy Reading!


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