What I Read January/February 2016

life changing magicIf you are a frequent reader and follower of this blog, you know that I use to do a weekly What I Read Wednesday post where I wrote about what I was reading every week. As much as I liked sharing what other books I was reading, it got to a point where it was too difficult to maintain. There were weeks were I blew through books and had a great deal to say and some weeks i barely got through a book and the posts seemed a bit dull. I often noticed that some of the posts felt repetitive,so I obviously was bored, which equally meant you were too. But I still wanted to talk about what I was reading that wouldn’t necessarily make it onto the blog for a review because it was just for run or something I felt like no one would want to read a review of. With much thought and debate, I decided to do a monthly recap of books I have read for the month instead of doing it on a weekly basis. This idea came to me in the middle of February so combining January and February made the most sense. I am really happy and excited to do these posts once more, and i hope you are too. Shall we get into talking about books:


  • The Art of War; Review
  • How to Grow an Addict; Review
  • The Edge of Nowhere; Review
  • The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend; Review
  • When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi; One of the most intellectually stimulating, heart breaking novels I have ever read. Written from the perspective of a Neurosurgeon who is diagnosed with terminal cancer, When Breath Becomes Air is a book that gave a whole different perspective of cancer and how it effects the patients as well as the doctors. Paul’s book is so beautifully written that I wouldn’t help but tear up in certain parts. The reader is able to go on the journey with Paul as he switches roles from being the doctor to being the patient. Would highly recommend!
  • The Life Changing Magic of not Giving a F*ck by Sarah Knight:  A play on words, and defiantly spoof worthy of the book phenominon of The Life Changing Magic of Tidy Up. This book is very particular in what and who you should care about, but it is hilarious! It is a “life changing” novel of allowing people to not give a f*ck about things they could not are less about, and giving more time to things they do give a f*ck about. It is a brillantly written guide to help those who over schedule (me), over plan (me), and those of us who have a difficult time saying no and being burnt out on life (me and me again). This book was so freeing, and it allowed me to view my commitments in a new light and I was able to devote my time and energy to thinks I do care about, and not spend time on things I give no f*cks over. Check it out for sure!!
  • The Things We Keep; Review
  • In the Blood; Review

Buy on Amazon:When Breath Becomes Air , & The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck: How to Stop Spending Time You Don’t Have with People You Don’t Like Doing Things You Don’t Want to Do


  • An Incredible Talent; Review
  • We’ll Always Have Paris- Review to come but I loved it! It was the sweetest Mother/Daughter travel memoir I have ever read! 
  • Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot; Review

I know what you are thinking… what happened to the reading in February? It was pretty much non existent. When you read/blog for a hobby, you life tends to overshadow the thing you love doing the most. I am sorry blog for not giving you as much love as you deserve, and thank you for you all for sticking around and continuing to read my posts even when they aren’t as frequent as I would like. In case you were wondering, here is what I am reading now:

  • Ghost Alley by Javed Jahangir ( Fiction, Literary, Contemporary)  It is a story about family drama, secrets, identity and revenge taking place in India while bouncing back and forth from present day and 1940’s-50’s. Just started it yesterday and it is pretty good so far! Review to come in the next few weeks.

What are you reading now? What is on your current TBR List? Leave a comment below with your book suggestions and what you are currently loving at the moment.

Happy Reading!


One thought on “What I Read January/February 2016

  1. today I will start The Run of His Life: The People versus O. J. Simpson because of the TV series American Crime Story. Will read a chapter or two before sleep 🙂


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