Pieces like Pottery: Stories of Loss and Redemption by Dan Buri; A Review

pieces of pottery

The first collection of short fiction from Dan Buri, “Pieces like Pottery” is an exploration of heartbreak and redemption that announces the arrival of a new American author. In this distinct selection of stories marked by struggle and compassion, Pieces Like Pottery is a powerful examination of the sorrows of life, the strength of character, the steadfast of courage, and the resiliency of love requisite to find redemption. Filled with graceful insight into the human condition, each linked story presents a tale of loss and love. A collection of nine stories, each exquisitely written and charged with merciful insight into the trials of life, Pieces Like Pottery reminds us of the sorrows we all encounter in life and the kindness we receive, oftentimes from the unlikeliest of places.”  – Amazon Description

I should give a forewarning before diving into my review when I say I do not like short stories. I do not like collections of short stories, and I may never. It all comes back to my school days where I was focused to read dozens of short stories and interpret them. I try but every time I try to read a collection of short stories my mind go back to those days and reading into things that were not clear. The boat resembles death? Where did they get that load of crap? Plus I feel that short stories always start in the middle of another story, there is never truly a beginning, middle and end like with a novel. I am always left with tons of questions and no answers. So in a nutshell, I avoid short story collections.

With this in mind, why did I decide to review Pieces like Pottery? Well I honestly was curious to see if this collect may spark my interest in reading more short stories, but it didn’t. There were a few stories in the collection that I read, enjoyed, and could have liked to see the story progress further for them. However, there were other stories that were a little dull and I skipped over them. Dan’s writing is poetic and lovely to read but I was a little confused by some of the things he was striving to write about. It was stated that the stories were going to reflect Jesus’ suffering through death, but they could also stand alone as individual stories. I know I am not an English professor but when an author tells that that there is an underlying message in his work and I can’t see it then, they need to work on making it more obvious. The message should be clear without being said and Dan lacked that in his work. He was trying to portray Jesus’ suffering but as someone who has read the Bible a time or two, I had a hard time seeing it. Some of his stories were lovely and enjoyable to read but as an overall collection, it felt a little like a clay pot, could easily be broken. They lacked the umph it needs to draw in readers and keep their attention. Of course, I am a little bias since I don’t like short stories anyways, so take this review with a chunk of salt.

There are Christian themes that were laced in between each story and I enjoyed that they weren’t in your face. Dan does a delicate dance where there bits and pieces of his faith intertwined within each story, which give them character without talking away from the main plot. Most, well 90% of Christian writers, tend to blind the reader with their beliefs and faiths, which can be intimidating to those who are not Christians. Authors are mean to write tales that can be relatable to all readers without scaring them away. Mind you this is just my opinion, and if I want a Christian book then I go where to get one and what I am looking for. I am not a huge fan of authors shoving their faith down a reader’s throat, but I love when authors are creative enough to incorporate their faith in a way that is appealing and welcoming to their audience. Dan does a brilliant job by accenting his faith in his work that gives the stories flavor.

If you love short stories and are looking for a new collection to read, then I would give Dan’s book a chance. I wasn’t a huge fan of it, but there were elements of his stories that I found appealing and inviting. His writing style is lovely, and I know he will find an audience who will appreciate it more than I could. How do you feel about short stories? Do you prefer them over books or just a little clueless when it comes to them like myself? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Reading! & Happy Thanksgiving!

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