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rebel mechanics

It’s finally here, the review I have promised you all for months!! I know I am terrible, but with vacation, school, church, work and reviewing tons of other books… it has been rather difficult to do this. Plus all these books I have purchased myself, or have gotten in my Uppercase Box so I never had a review due date with them. By the way, if you love YA books, then you should subscribe to Uppercase! I will give an explanation to the service and leave a link at the bottom of this review for you to check it out. Ok so here we go, hold your breath it is going to be a doozy… Ready? Good.. let the Young Adult Review begin!

Papertowns by John Green:  I read this because I loved The Fault in Our Stars and wanted to see what other books John Green were like, and this may get me killed but I did not like this book. Please don’t take me out into the town square and stone me, but this book was the worst! Not only was the ending one of the worst endings I have ever read, this book made me hate people. The story did not make any sense and the main character was obnoxious. SPOILER ALERT: Who would chase down a girl who obviously did not want to be found? If you haven’t read it, the book is mainly about this teenage boy trying to find his crush who ran away from home, or whatever. Sorry John Green, I love your work but I was disappointed with this book and the outcome of how it ends. Boo to you John Green! I am not happy… I am currently a 1/2 with his books that I enjoyed, and I am debating if I want to pick up another one. Paper Towns

ps i still love you

P.S. I still Love You by Jenny Han: I read this book because I loved her first book To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before to this series, so I knew I had to pick up the sequel; I was not disappointed! I love this book so much! Jenny does an excellent portrayal of the struggles of a teenage girl. I related with Laura Jean (the main character) on every level from crushes to rumors and how life changes so quickly through those years of my life. Jenny’s writing is thoughtful, engaging and relatable. I will always read what Jenny Han writes and she has become one of my favorite YA authors, actually one of my favorite authors ever! Her books are the ones I pick up when I need a reading cleanse because I have read too many serious fiction and feel my brain is about to explode. Her books are easy, delightful reads that I will always reach for! Her books are like the Taylor Swift of the YA fiction world, everyone loves them and  are always great books to read and re-read! P.S. I Still Love You

Rebel Mechanics by Shanna Swendson:  I admit, I have ever read Steampunk fiction, so I was a little out of my depths when I received this book in my Uppercase box. But I am well versed in historical fiction, so I was able to maintain some footing as I dove into this intriguing piece of work. I loved this book! It is the perfect blend of historical, and steampunk fiction with a little twist of science fiction and fantasy. The story takes place in the Victorian Era, where the world is not run by technology, but by magic. With magic leading the power struggle the “American” Rebels have lost the Revolution years ago, and the British still hold control over the colonies. However, this has not stopped the Underground engineers, and mechanics from making their own technological achievements and continuing to rebel against the Magistrates who rule the colonies. With Revolution hanging in the air, will magic win again or will the industrial powers finally take charge? This book is action packed with twists and turns, and the writing is flawless! I loved Shanna’s writing style and character development. I look forward to her other work! Rebel Mechanics: All Is Fair in Love and Revolution

Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella: This is the first YA novel written by Sophie who is famous for her Shopaholic Series, and even thought I haven’t read her other books I absolutely adored this book. The story is of Audrey, with the appearance of any normal teenager, suffers from a severe anxiety disorder which causes her to keep to her house and wear sunglasses, constantly. With the help of her therapist, and Linus, her brother’s friend, she begins to gain momentum to live a normal life like any other teenager. This novel is funny, witty, sharp and enlightening. It is often that books do not talk about anxiety disorders, and Sophie has taken charge to bring to light a topic that is current but often kept in the dark. She is able to give humor to serious topics and bring attention to the struggles that teens often suffer with today. If you like her Shopaholic Series, then this book will be a nice change of pace for you and it is defiantly worth a read. This is one of those YA books that every teenager should read, and it will help them to become more aware of the things that those arounds them may deal with. It is a book that is an influential piece of work to the teenager generation, and today’s society. So if you are looking for something heart felt and influential with a little comedy, then this book is for you!Finding Audrey

OK, deep breath, last one!

the wrath and the dawn

The Wrath & The Dawn by Renee Ahdieh:  This is a modern adaptation of the famous novel/story A Thousand and One Nights or also know as Arabian Nights to some. I have never read One Thousand and One Nights, but I have always wanted to… then I saw how big the book is. Let’s just say it’s… Woof. It is not a light read or one that you would finish it a day, so when Uppercase sent me The Wrath & The Dawn, I was happy to see it in a smaller format. A murderous young King takes a new bride every day and before she is able to see the dawn of the next day, she is murdered. Shahrzad agrees to marry the monstrous prince in order to avenge the death of her friend and take his life instead. But as he comes into her room that night after their wedding, she tells him a story that last till dawn approaches and she becomes the first girl to live through a night with the prince. From what I have heard in the original book, the story evolves around the stories she tells the prince every night that help keep her alive, where as in The Wrath & The Dawn focused more on Shahrzad and her relationship with the prince. It is interesting to see how each day and night they spend together, the relationship between the two changes and how they change individually. The story ends on a MAJOR cliffhanger which SUCKS!! But alas, I heard there is a second book coming out so it will hopefully answer the questions I have. Other than that, this book is exciting and a treat to read. I loved reading this book and sinking myself into a far off land with adventure and danger thught of your life is in the hands of another. Renee is a fantastic story teller and had me gripped from page one. I didn’t come up for air when I read her book, and often with that comes a terrible book hangover for the next day or two. It will keep you at the edge of your seat! If you need a little excitement, then you need this book! The Wrath and the Dawn

YAY! We are finished! We can all breathe a little easier now, and yes this is a crazy long post. Sorry not sorry fools! Hopefully I will get to take a breather from the YA books and actually do one review per book next time but I just went through a phase of this is all I read. Soon I will post a YA Fantasy Review for you guys since that is the only genre I have been reading for fun as of late. The YA genre has been on fire lately! If you are skeptical about reading YA and think it is only for teenagers, you are wrong! It is for everyone and they often have very adult themes to them which make them great for every age group.

Also, if you love YA books and love subscription boxes then you need Uppercase in your life! It is a month subscription box where they send you a newly released YA book along with some fun bookish goodies (if you want them). They have a few plans for your to choose one, so have a look at their website and see if it is for you!

Uppercase Box

That is it for now! I should have another review up this week and a What I am Reading Wednesday, which actually never got posted for some odd reason but oh well, too late to post it now. Thank you all for reading and stopping by! Have a great week!

Happy Reading!

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