The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George – A Review

paris bookshopAre there books out there that you see the cover or the title, and instantly know you will be purchasing it? It is the deep connection you have with a genre, an author, or just something you seen in browsing that instantly draws you in. It is the instant connection that you cannot ignore, and you know in your core that you need to read this book. The Little Paris Bookshop proceeded to have that effect on me. I heard about this book on Read it Forward, and wanted a copy so badly, but unfortunately it wasn’t due to be released to the public till Mid-August * cue sob emoji*. Luckily, Books for Blogging sent me an advanced copy to review, so the wait would not be as long as I anticipated. Any book that takes place in Paris and/or bookshops are just up my alley, please and thank you, here is my money.

Monsieur Perdu’s job is to cure-all the aliments of life through books. Running a bookstore, The Literary Apothecary, on a boat, floating on the Seine in Paris, Perdu has seen it all. From heart-break to new love to self-discovery, Perdu was able to find a book to cure any problem that life could throw at him, except one.  Even though Perdu runs an apothecary, he cannot find a cure to mend his broken heart, and continues to be haunted by an unopened letter left by the one who broke it. Finally the temptation is too much to bear, Perdu opens and reads the letter which starts the process of a spontaneous journey for answers. On route with his bookshop as his mode of transportation, Perdu is accompanied by a young author suffering from writer’s block and a love-sick Italian chef, who set off into the county side hoping to find the answers to all the mysteries that linger over their lives. The trio has more at stake then they originally planned, but with the power of books, they must go into the unknown to come into a place of serenity. The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George is a tale of self-discovery, with the belief that books can cure-all the aches and pains of life.

This is not a book that I felt focused to rush through. This is not a book there I devoured page after page, chapter after chapter, and felt an impulse to finish immediately. If I had to describe this book as an experience it would say, reading The Little Paris Bookshop is like making and drinking a cup of tea. When making a cup of tea, there is nothing “rushed” or brisk about the experience. It is something you do to relax, and is often done at a slow, gradual pace. You boil the water, seep your tea of choice in your favorite mug, then process to blow on it till cool enough to consume, and then drink in a slow manner to enjoy every moment with your magical cup. This book to me was like drinking a cup of tea; it was warm, relaxing, entertaining, comforting and soothing. It was the one thing that I looked forward to reading after a long day. When I picked up this book, it was a crazy week in my life but as I read, curled up in the comfort of my bed and Nina’s words, I slowly began to forget the craziness around me. It was as if the world had a quiet stillness about it, and the earth proceeded to stop for the briefest of moments.

This story is an endearing tale of a man who is seeking to find who he is after making a huge mistake, and proceeds to find people around him who are looking for themselves too. I was lost in the gentle flow of Nina’s language and the description of the French countryside. Nina has the ability to transform her reader from where ever they are and drop them into where ever the book is taking place. I was instantly transported to a country I have not seen in so long, but instantly felt a connection with. Her talent of description allows a reader to be part of the story, and the experience that her characters are going through. They are relatable and oddly very human in the way the characters experience the struggle, heart-break and later joy in the novel. It was oddly refreshing to experience such a transformation of characters, and have the ability to  share a kinder spirit of their life with yours. I hope Nina continues to write more books of the truth we often face when we make a mistake we cannot fix. She did not shy away from the burdens that we often carry with us when we find ourselves in a situation that cannot be solved, but ultimately must be felt.  She writing is poetic, calming and transforming.

I loved this book, I think I loved this book more that I could possibly put into words because it gave me a change to reflect on my own life of things I wish I had done, and things that I can still do because I have not wasted time. I picked up this book strictly on the title, since I love Paris and I love bookstores, what could possibly go wrong? I did not expect to have the experience that I had with this exquisite piece of work. This book was a surprise read for me, and even though I took my time with this novel, I do not regret letting it seep and saturate my life as it did. I would highly recommend this novel, and I would encourage you to pick it up and allow you to discover a different side to yourself.

Happy Reading!

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