2015 Reading Challenge: A book(s) by a female author – Tasha Alexander, The Lady Emily Mysteries

ta and only to deceiveDo you have one author that you absolutely love? You have bought all their books, and are constantly in wait for the next one? I have a few authors that fit that category, but Tasha Alexander is in a whole different realm of favorite authors. Ok, here it goes…. I love Tasha Alexander books! *phew* I feel better now that I have gotten that off of my chest. I first discovered her 3 years ago when I moved back from England and was instantaneously hooked! It was her Lady Emily novels that have captivated me, and still do to this day! The Lady Emily mysteries are historical mysteries that take place in Victorian England and are based around events and circumstances that Emily finds herself in. Being a woman of wealth and status, Emily is able to work (which was unheard of at the time) alongside her husband, Colin, to solve mysteries that plague Europe and being light to inconclusive events.

I am obsessed with the Lady Emily mystery novels, and to my delightful bookworm heart, they are still going on! As soon as I finish one, I manage to discover that two more came out! I can never keep up with Tasha and all the mysteries that Emily solves. I also discovered while reading mysteries that I am terrible at solving them. I can never guess the ending and I am never able to find out who actually is the one behind the menacing plot, which is why I think I keep coming back. The Lady Emily mysteries are fast paced, page turners that keep you awake into the wee hours of the morning with the words, “Just one more chapter.” I can recall all the hours of sleep I have lost staying awake reading Tasha’s novels. They are the perfect blend of history, adventure and thrill ride of a life time. The historical detailing of life in the Victorian Era of her books is exquisite and can be appreciated by all history buffs, including myself. From the way she pictures society, the mannerism, and the dress are all strategically placed and pin pointed to give the reader an idea of what life was back in the 1800’s. I was supposed to write about one book, but I had a difficult time choosing one to talk about, even thought A Crimson Warning is my favorite one so far, I wanted to talk about the other books too. So I dedicated this post to the whole series, due to my love for all the books. Lady Emily

If you are a fan of historical fiction, mystery thrillers, or historical thrillers then you need to check out her books! You will thank me later! Below is the list of the series in chronological order (so far). I haven’t read all of them but I just finished Death in the Floating City, which sat on my bookshelf for a while since I forgot I had it, but managed to rediscover it the other week and proceeded to breeze through the book in a manner of days. I love Tasha’s book and I look forward to reading the new ones and other books she will come out with in the future.

Happy Reading!

Lady Emily Mysteries:

PS- Tasha, if you are reading this, if you want to send me an Advanced Readers Copy of any one of your books, I may die a happy woman. I love your books and I look forward to many more Lady Emily novels. Thank you for your fantastic work as an author. (Ok, fan-girling is over now.)

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