2015 Reading Challenge: Book with One Word Title – Stir by Jessica Fechtor

stirBook titles are funny, tricky things. They are there to entice the reader, and giving definition so a reader can become familiar with a story. But sometimes the best titles, are so simple, so bare that it demands attention. Sometimes all a title needs is a single word. One word to grab your attention, and lure into a new world. One word that could catapult you into unfamiliar territory, and into something new and different. One word that could change the way you see and feel the world. Stir is a title that will stir something inside of you that you thought you never had. The power of a single word, brought to life, and drawing in a reader to listen to a story of a woman who overcame the biggest struggles, and came out better, and stronger because of it. And all it took was one word.

Stir is Jessica Fechtor’s memoir of how she went from a healthy 28-year-old with the world at her feet to suffering from an aneurysm burst in her brain while running on a treadmill, proceeding to turned her life upside down . From losing sight in her left eye, and her sense of smell, Jessica was going to have to learn to do life a little differently from on. Even though she was struggling physically, her love for food and cooking, as well as the support of her husband, friends and family, kept her going. Her journey is one of discovery and determination to return back to the kitchen, and do the thing she loved the most; to cook. Through strength and sheer will power, Jessica not only mended her head but she was able to mend her ability to be where she longed to be and become the woman she was meant to become.

There are some stories that grip you by the feels and proceed not to let go, and Stir was such a story. I was overwhelmed and touched by Jessica’s story and her strength to overcome such a difficult medical condition. She was real, raw and complete transparent which was such a breath of fresh air to read about. It is hard enough to write a good book, but it quite the accomplishment to write a fantastic book and just be as human as possible. Jessica shared her struggles with every page and did not shy away even from the negative thoughts and feelings she was dealing with. It was refreshing to see a story that was so guanine and honest, and then she proceeds to share her food sanctuary with the reader as well.  The recipes are simple but delicious! I may have tried a few while I was going along with the story, and was surprised by how good the recipes were. Her baked ziti is delicious! Rich in flavor with a little kick to in the tomato sauce, the baked ziti was the perfect Thursday night dish for me and my roommates.

It was wonderful to be a part of a journey that Jessica had to travel down, but during the duration of the novel she continued to remain true to herself. Her love of cooking and for food is evident, and is laced with love throughout each chapter. Stir is by far one of the best well-crafted cooking memoirs I have ever seen. Each chapter combines her medical struggles with her admiration of food, weaving in and out of food that was a comfort to her in her life. With clever chapter titles and a recipe to end each chapter, I was in reading heaven! The flow of her book was effortless, and her writing shown through her tragic events. When reading this book, I imagined sitting across from her, over a cup of coffee and just sharing stories of love, life and food. Her book is a treat to read, and I know it would be the perfect addition to any summer reading list. It hits all the right spots: moving? Yes! Sentimental? Yep! Encouraging? Yep! Funny? Of Course! Inspirational? Totally! Has great recipes you should try? Absolutely!

If you are looking for a good book this summer, there I would HIGHLY recommend Stir. It has everything you would need in a good book, for any season really. So go out and pick up your copy, and allow Stir to impact you in way you thought a book never could.

Buy it on Amazon: Stir: My Broken Brain and the Meals That Brought Me Home

Happy Reading!

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