My Life During my Blogging Rut

fireworksBy this title, I know you must be a little confused. “How can you be in a rut? You post every week.” You’re right, I do post at least one a week but I actually haven’t “written” anything in the last 2-4 weeks. I am going to be honest here… everything I have been posting (recently) is all back logged material. *gasp* I know, you are shocked! But during a time a few months ago I was cracking out more books than I could write about, which resulted in the tones of blog posts because writing became easier. I became a machine of cranking out blog posts and book reviews, then all of a sudden it stopped. I sat down to my computer one afternoon and nothing came. I knew I had 2 book reviews that were due to publishers, but I could not find the words to say and if I tried to write anything it always came out wrong. I would write a sentence or two, but after that nothing else came or I would delete it. No typing, no reviewing, nothing. It felt like my creativity well dried up on me, and I was a bit confused and scared by it.  Why this was happening? I thought I was doing great but then I began to slowly piece it all together. My rut came about during a time of “production” because I had pushed myself to a new level of creativity. I was pushing myself creatively with taking on more Instagram pictures, more blog posts, then proceeding to start my own YouTube channel for the blog (all the links are in the side bar of the blog! Be sure to check them out if you like). I also managed to read 10 books last month, HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!?!? So as I was expanding my blogging territory, which was great, I was slowly becoming burnt out at the same time. My creativity levels were just not being focused on writing but on pictures and video content as well. They were being stretched, expanded, and ventured into a new level of creativity, and I wasn’t physically or emotional ready for it.

june wrap up

( Books I read last month! YIKES!)

                So, when the middle of June hit, I didn’t write, film or post videos… I was done. The desire to do anything just wasn’t there. Looking back, I am now understanding what it is like it have creative boundaries. It is good to be creative and to do those things that are creative, it is just about being wise and finding balance. I was working, doing the blog, and not much else. I needed to refocus my life on the things I loved doing outside of this blog. Do not get me wrong, I love my blog! I love my IG account and I am learning about YouTube, which is a monster in itself (lol). So you may be asking, well what did I do when I look a blog hiatus? A list and a few pictures are in order I think:

  • I read.

july ybr

(Little Book Haul and a TBR for July)

              But I read at a much slower, steady pace and allowed myself to take days to read a book, instead of just finishing it in a day. I took the time to read and appreciate books like I use to.

  • Brain Storming

I may not have been posting anything but I was still thinking of things I would like to write about, post and film when I felt like stepping back into it.

  • I went to Disneyland.disney

I live in Southern California, and I have a Disney Annual Pass, which is something you do when you live in Socal. I went ALL THE TIME, and proceed to eat my weight in corn dogs and churros; I have no regrets.

  • I went on mini adventures and did lots of photography.

summer manhattan beach

One of my new passions (the past year or so) is photography. It is just going somewhere and taking pictures, and I love it! I went to Lake Arrowhead for the 4th of July, hung out on a boat in the sun and had a grand time! I also proceeded to spend a great deal of time at the beach. Disneyland and going to the beach are part of the everyday life of someone in Socal.

  • Served in my local Church.npc

I am a Christian, most of you wouldn’t know that since I do not talk about it that often, and I am a proud member of Newport Church. I serve on the Lighting team, which helps creates mood and ambiance during worship and the service, it creates an atmosphere that allows people to meet God where they are. It is part of my job to make people feel welcome and comfortable to they can enjoy their visit at Newport Church. I love my team and I love my church! I have been going there for 3 ½ years now and love every minute of it!

  • Focusing Attention elsewhere.laguna newport

I got to hang out with friends, go beer tasting, go hiking, do fun things on the weekends, work out, spend time catching up with family, going to the movies, cooking, etc. I did whatever I wanted.

There is a little glimpse at my life, when I am not blogging. If you are in a blogging rut, then here is my little piece of advice; it is ok. It is ok to step away from something you love doing and re-evaluate why you feel this way and your relationship with it. My rut was spurred on by over exposure and exhaustion. Since then I can establish better creative boundaries so I can be a better blogger/IGer/Book YouTuber. When you step away, you can see the bigger picture. Also, allow the rut to run its course. This rut could last a few days, few weeks or a few months, and it may be a little scary.  You may be scared that you may not come out of it, but if you love what you do then you will always come out of the rut. Focus your attention on other aspects of life, so when you come back from the rut, you have a new perspective and view on your life. If you jump-start coming back from a rut too soon, then you will be worse off than before. You will be angrier, still burnt out, which will allow a hatred to develop towards that thing you use to love. Let the rut run its course. Also, when the writing is going, good and strong then write A TON! Write all the time! Just keep writing! So when you do hit a rut, you will have things to fall back on and still have something to post, even though it is the last thing on your mind.  When the creative river was flowing, I wrote till I could not write anymore, which allowed me to continue to post weekly even when I had nothing to say.

This is not my average post of you guys, but I thought I would share of what is going on in my world and hopefully this will help you guys who are also going through the same time.  Leave me a comment below if you are in a rut or feel like you are heading that way, I would like to help in any way I can.

Happy Reading!

PS- I am out of the blogging rut, FYI so posts will be coming your way soon! It is good to be back, and writing once more. No more 3 posts a week… good grief!

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