2015 Reading Challenge: A book backed by a true story- The Mapmaker’s Children by Sarah McCoy

mapmakerDo you have a genre you prefer when looking for books? Whether it is Sci-Fi, YA, or Romance, it is something you know like the back of your hand. It is always the books you grab when looking for something new. You know the good from the bad in its field, and you can smell a bad book a mile away. For me, that genre is historical fiction. It is the genre I always seek out when I am looking for a new book and often find they are the ones that keep my attention the easiest. It could be my love of history, but I love being transported back to a time and allow myself to live in that period even for just the smallest of moments. Historical fiction is an ideal blend of fact and imagination; taking what is true, and true events that occurred and putting a new perspective and twist on it. How could you not love novels like that? So when Blogging for Books sent me The Mapmaker’s Children by Sarah McCoy, I was excited to dive into a genre I know and love.

The Mapmaker’s Children is an adventure unlike any other historical fiction I have ever read. Laced between the past and the present, Sarah tells the tale of two women, burned by the misfortunes of their life to come into their own. Based on real people and real events, Sarah brings life to a story that many may not have heard of. Bouncing back and forth between the stories of Eden, a barren woman on the verge of melt down as she moved to New Charlestown with her estranged husband, and Sarah, the daughter of famous abolitionist John Brown on the brink of the Civil War, as she aids the Underground Railroad. Both women determined to make the most of their situation, their stature in life, and ultimately fulfill the roles they were destined for. Even though 150 years separate the two women, their stories intertwine with another. A story of the present learning from the last and allowing that to impact the future.

As someone who studied the Civil War at university, I was enthralled with the historical detailing that Sarah put into her work. I always appreciate when authors take the time to study the period of where they have placed their novel, and The Mapmaker’s Children is a marvelous portrayal of what life was like in pre-Civil War Virginia. In a time of unrest and struggle between regions, races and moral views, Sarah captures the tension and the atmosphere in much a way that it would make any historian weep with joy. Her astounding description of the past, laced with the effect it has on the future is a beautiful creature to witness and read about. As someone who loves historical fiction, better than any other genre, I was captured, not but such an amazing story, but also by Sarah craft of the English word. Her writing is fluid, brilliant, detail oriented, and captures you with every sentence. She proceeds to draw you in and does a marvelous job at keeping your attention. It wasn’t till I paused for air is when it dawned on me that I was already half way through the book, WOW! The Mapmaker’s Children is a true work of art, and should be enjoyed by all fans of historical fiction and normal fiction alike.

I loved this book, and I am struggling to fight the urge to go out and purchase her pervious book, The Baker’s Daughter.  Alas, it will have to wait since I have a million other books I am supposed to be reading right now, but I was so captured by her style and wording that I feel like I should just give in and get it anyways. (Since writing this, I am bought the other book, I have no self-control, my poor bank account). If you are a huge fan of historical fiction, like me, then you should go out and purchase this book. It is an excellent addition to any library.

Have you read The Mapmaker’s Children or any other Sarah McCoy books? What did you think? Do you like historical fiction? What do you recommend?

Buy it on Amazon: The Mapmaker’s Children: A Novel

Happy Reading!

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