2015 Book Challenge: A book set in a different country – Circling the Sun by Paula McLain

cirlce the sun

Can you think of a time where something happened that just filled you with instant joy? It was in that moment where the world tends of fade away and it is just you, your joy, and that moment. It is moments like that tend to keep us going. Those little moments of happiness that are unexplainable but allow us to keep moving forward each and every day. One moment for me is when I come home from a long busy day at the office and notice a little parcel sitting on my doorstep. I instantly know what it is, it’s a book! It has only been recently that companies have been sending me books to review or I have won Advanced Companies of books to read, and the feeling of seeing a small package with a new book in it feels me with so much joy! This is diffidently a book nerd thing but the feeling of a fresh book in my hand in something I have a hard time expressing. I feel joy, gladness, unexplained excitement, curiosity, and just overall positive feelings. So when I came home to a package from Random House/Ballantine Books with an advanced copy of Circling the Sun by Paula McLain, I was ecstatic!

Circling the Sun is the story of Beryl Markham; a woman abandoned by her mother, and was left to be raised by her father in 1920’s Kenya. Strong willed and wild at heart, Beryl has a difficult time adjusting to the 1920’s society and the role she is meant to play in it. Between mixing herself up in love triangles, failed relationships, and unconventional dreams, Beryl struggles to find freedom in the things that she wants. From working as a horse trainer to become a famous aviator, she will find that freedom comes at a price and she is willing to do that whatever it takes to achieve that freedom. This enchanting story of a woman before her time, willing to do whatever it takes to follow the dreams she has in her heart.

When I was first sent this book, I did not know a thing about Paula McLain. If you don’t know, she is the bestselling author of The Paris Wife and I admit, I haven’t read that book either (oops). This fact allowed me to go into this review with fresh eyes to see what was in store for me; I was surprised and memorized by her writing. The story of Beryl is fascinating, gripping, and engaging. Paula’s writes of Beryl as if she would be your closest friend. You feel for her and her story; when she is agitated, you are agitated, and when Beryl finds love, you are joyful for her. Beryl is not only a lovely, adventurous woman, but by far a character I find and look at with some much curiosity. How was she able to do what she did? What made her want to take that extra step? I was delighted to find that she was a real human being, which made me feel for her story more after I finished the book. She was a woman who was willing to do whatever to make her dreams come true, and break out of the mold that society had for her.

Circling the Sun is a decent size book of 316 pages, but I was so enthralled by Paula’s writing and her story that each chapter seems to be finished before I was ready to move on. It is obvious that Paula had done her research on Beryl and life in Africa during the 1920’s, which I appreciate and can see in her detailed, descriptive writing. Paula’s passion for writing and this story is in every page, every chapter and shows the reader the beauty of a well written book. So in a nutshell, this book was exquisite, lush and a beautiful piece of literature. I am ashamed to say that I haven’t experienced her writing before, and now I am going to rush out to go buy The Paris Wife right now. I am a fan of Paula and her work, and I look forward to many more books from her!

Circling the Sun will be available to purchase on July, 28, 2015. Thank you to Penguin Random House/Ballantine Books for sending me this book!

How are you doing on your 2015 reading challenge?? Which has been your favorite read thus far??

Buy on Amazon: Circling the Sun: A Novel

Happy Reading!!

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