2015 Reading Challenge: A Memoir


Lately it would appear that I have been on a nonfictional reading kick. It seems that every book that I have purchased the past few weeks have been considered nonfictional books. I am not sure what has come over me, but I feel a drawing towards memoirs and nonfictional reading to broaden my horizons. Look what the reading challenge has done for me! I often search the interest for new books, visiting various sites, looking at recommendations from other readers, and usually come up disappointed by the lack of literature I want to read. I do not recall how managed to stumble upon What I was doing While you were Breeding by Kristin Newman one day while searching the web, but the title automatically caught my interest and I quickly downloaded it onto my Kindle. To say the least… best decision ever!

Kristin Newman’s memoir What I was doing While you were Breeding is framed around her life of travel and adventure, while other around her get married and begin having babies. Kristen works at a comedy writer for various television shows and during her downtime between seasons, she would go on lengthy vacations to countries all over the world. From popular destinations like Paris and Amsterdam to the not so likely vacation spots of Russia and Iceland, Kristin’s story is one for a single woman’s journey of adventure, and a discovery of self-worth. Kristin soon discovers the power of her own identity and what is really means to be happy.

Out of all the “I’m single, here is my story” books, this one is by far my favorite! Kristin’s approach of life and travel is parallel to my own life and current circumstances. My friends and loved ones are getting married and growing their families, while I am looking forward to 3 weeks of vacation in September to Italy and Scotland. Her memoir reassured me that it was okay to be a single woman with a desire to travel and not settle right away. Mind you her reason for traveling may not be the healthiest (read the book), it gave a healthy approach to traveling to parts unknown. Her story is funny, warm, relatable, easy to follow, and one that struck a chord to my very core. Each chapter drew upon her life at home as well as her life abroad, which was helpful to see the contrast between the two.  Her story is not just luxury book about travel, only showing the glitz and glam, but it is a genuine tale of a woman on how it really is to travel as a solo woman. Of course I do not have the luxury of traveling for 3 months on end (I wish), but Kristin was able to provide her story without the reader feeling envious or cynical about her travels. She was able to spark an interest and a desire to go outside of your own world and adventure into different countries and cultures.

As I am slowly pushing towards 30 (shh, don’t tell) and seeing those around me get married, it is a daunting thought to have that it may not happen for me. I have a very full, happy life but there is always that little idea that I may have been missing out on something. Did I miss the memo that it was time to find someone and settle down? Even though part of me wants that, there is still a bigger part of me that wants to travel, go adventuring, and do a lot of other things I couldn’t do if I was married. I loved Kristin’s book because it helped me to shine light on my own situation in life. Did I miss the boat? It was reassuring to know that I wasn’t the only person that had felt this way, and she actually inspired me to travel more. I loved to travel before but after reading this book I decided that instead of doing a week here and there, I would take a good chuck of time and see many places. This memoir is great for any person who loves a funny story, loves to travel, and even for those single girls that need a little reassurance that everything will work itself out in the end.

Kristin’s book a healthy approach to how single woman feel today and it is a great motivator, and encouraging piece of work for those who feel like they are stuck in life. I love every word, every page, and every chapter. I actually laughed out loud at some parts, which drew the attention of those around me. I am really glad that I was able to find this glorious little treasure.

Kristin Newman, if you are reading this, when is your next book? I am looking forward to reading it, if there is one. I really hope you are writing another one.

How is everyone doing on the reading challenge? How are we doing? Let me know your favorite read so far or link me to your blog if you wrote a review!

Buy on Amazon: What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding: A Memoir

Happy Reading!

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