A New Feature on A Comfy Chair??


Happy Friday everyone!!

So I was randomly thinking-as I do when I am on hold for an extremely long time with a client -what if I start blogging about my travels?? I have been, and will be, traveling a great deal this year, and I was curious to see if you would be interested in coming along with me! I can write about where I am, what I am doing and what reading material I brought with me on my adventures.

As readers of this blog, I would love your input. I love to travel, and plan on never stop perusing the passion of exploring places I have never seen! Obviously this would not be a weekly post, but more like a every once in a while post of when I am away from Southern California (where I live).

I was thinking of calling the posts, ” Hello from…..!” What do you think? It will be a break from the book/author/literature posts, and it is another passion of mine that I get to share with you all!

Let me know your thoughts and ideas of this concept. I would greatly appreciate it!

Have a great weekend everybody!

Happy Reading!

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