2015 Reading Challenge: A Graphic Novel

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As the reading Challenge smoothly progresses along, I decided to mix it up early in the game. While I was on an adventure to Los Angeles with a friend of mine, we wandered into The Last Bookstore in downtown LA to look for new books. It was during this adventure where I found myself drawn to the Comic section of the store, on the hunt for a Graphic Novel. I would like to reiterate this now; I do not know anything about comics or graphic novels. I admit I have only read one graphic novel and that was Maus I & II while I was in college. Maus is a graphic novel that tells the story of the Jewish people in Germany during WWII and the Holocaust, which are portrayed as mice, and the Nazi’s are cats. Weird? Yes. Fascinating? Absolutely! This was my first and only, till now, experience with graphic novels, and I loved them both! I still have them from my college days, and I refuse to give them up. So on the list when I saw the option of reading a graphic novel, I was excited to jump back into this unique area of literature.

When I approached the Comic section of the bookstore, I was lucky enough to have some assistance. I told John, I think that was his name, of my background with Maus, and we proceeded to go from there. I think he was a little disturbed on my appreciation for dark comics, but I told him I did it more for the historical significance and background, he was skeptical. His knowledge of comics was vast, and deep, which came in handy because I was more kiddy pool style when it comes to this genre. He recommended “The Property” by Rutu Modan for me since it was in direct line with my experience with graphic novels thus far. I was happy with the choice and proceeded to purchase it. I was not aware of this but I feel like I should mention it briefly; these books are not cheap! Woof! For the cost of one graphic novel, I could have bought 2-4 books from Amazon, yeah so heads up on that one!

“The Property” is about a young woman, Mica, who travels to Poland with her grandmother to find the property her great-grandparents owned in Warsaw before the war. Mica and her grandmother travel from Israel, in order to discover roots and truth behind the legacy their family had left behind. Mica soon discovers that her grandmother is hiding much more that she anticipated, and must be comfortable with how things have turned out for her family. Being in Warsaw, a city griped with death and guilt of the past, it must learn to rebuild itself once more and holds the truth Mica has come to seek for herself.

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First off, this book was a breeze to read! I finished it one night, but besides the fact that it was quick, the story is beautifully complex and exquisitely drawn. The pictures are simple but with vibrate colors and careful details, and the novel gives life to such a completing, sad, heart wrenching story. The loss is relevant in the characters and in Warsaw of the things that happened to the families during such terrible time in history.  The story is simple and easy to follow, which is beneficial for someone who is new to graphic novels. I would highly suggest this beautiful piece of work if you a) like graphic novels and are looking for a new one or b) want to start reading them but not sure where to start.

This novel has kick started my curiosity of looking and reading more into the graphic novel genre. I have loved exploring, searching and allow myself free rein in this category of literature I am unfamiliar with. It is hard not to find joy, excitement, and curiosity in a new realm of reading and be willing to go beyond what you know. It is the willingness to explore and adventure to books and genre’s you would never dream of picking up or enjoying. If you have any recommendations of what graphic novels I should check out, or feel like sharing your favorites, then be sure to comment or shoot me an email! I would love to hear from you!

One last note, if you are confused by the recent titles of all my posts, I will most likely be posting about the Reading Challenge and each title will be the category I read! I hope this makes sense for those who are new or those who are following along with me on the 2015 Reading Challenge and were looking for some clarification. Who is loving this reading challenge so far?! ME!!!!

Let me know your process on the Challenge! Would love to hear from you!

Buy on Amazon: The Property

Happy Reading!

Also, thank you to John at The Last Book Store! You are the best and I was very impressed with your knowledge and skill set to such a fascinating grouping of work! Thank you again for your help!

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