Happy 4th Birthday A Comfy Chair in the Corner!

Cat birthday

Happy Monday Everyone! ( There is an oxymoron for you!)

As I was stumbling upon my blog today, looking at stats, layouts, and emails; a little notification came up on the screen telling me of my Blog Anniversary! I have hard time believing that 4 years ago, while I was living in London, England I decided to start a blog about the thing I love the most; books! I was always fond of reading and started my own book clubs here and there but it was the decision to start a blog that changed everything for me. I didn’t know what to expect or how to even create a blog but here we are! 4 years later and I couldn’t be happier!

Starting a blog allowed me to share my passion with the rest of the world, and create a bond with those who are also fond of reading! I must warn you now, the process was/is neither smooth or easy. A blog is something you have to take care of, manage and actually write content in. It is not something can just sit there and magically followers will appear, it takes work. I am still working on the blog and I think it will be a hobby that I will have for the rest of my life. I love having and writing in this blog! Even though my life gets a little crazy and the blog is neglected (sorry guys), I always come back to it and there is always that need/desire to write, and share my world.

For those looking to start a blog, please know that it will not be easy, there will be blood, sweat and tears during the process but you will soon fall in love with your work. There will be moment when you will want to quit and even think about quitting, and deleting the blog; DON’T! Keep pressing forward, keep writing, keep posting, even if it is only once every 6 months, and its only to say you read 2 books in which they both sucked, just do it! Soon you will post more that twice a year, it will become easier and you will find moments to get content in.

Believe me, I have been there where my early posts were too wordy, too much time happened between posts, and the content was absolute crap but it is a constant learning experience.Trust me when I say, a blog will change you, for the good. You will given a new title of “blogger” and then you will begin to post more, then share your blog with those in your world. You will become a better person from your blog, and it will become part of who you are.

As I look back on these past 4 years I have to say THANK YOU for every one of you. Thank you for those who read the blog, follow it and those who will even stumbled upon it during a Google search. Thank you for taking the time to read what I throw out there and sometimes willing to respond to posts or send me emails (acomfychairblog@gmail.com, FYI). You guys are the best!This blog wouldn’t be the same without you, and those who motivate me to keep writing and sharing throughout the years.

So, with that said, Happy 4th Birthday the craziest, wildest, most challenging, most unpredictable adventure known to date!! You have changed me for the better and I loved that I made the choice to start you in my wee London flat. I look forward to many more years of posts, content and great books! Cheers!

Now off to go eat some Birthday cake!

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