2015 Reading Challenge: A Book Based Strictly on its Cover

The Darkest Hour

I have officially started and completed my first book in the 2015 Reading Challenge! Where are you in the challenge? Have you started, finished you first book or do you not have a clue as to what I am talking about? A few weeks ago I posted a Reading Challenge on this blog to not only challenge myself but everyone else who reads to stretch their reading boundaries. I will copy the link at the bottom of this post for the Reading Challenge for you to look at. It will go into further detail about the books and rules, etc., but enough of the fine details, let’s talk books!

My first book of the challenge was under the category “A Book Based strictly on its cover”, but let’s be honest, this is how most of us pick out books. It seems pretty self-explanatory; you wander into a bookstore, see a book, read the cover, like what you see/read and proceed to purchase said book. So I know this is one that was quite easy, but sometimes when you base a book strictly from its cover it can be a hit or miss situation. Sometimes the books show promise, but lack the building blocks of a good story or character development. It is books like these that make my heart heavy, so much promise but nothing but a pretty cover, * le sigh*.  Luckily, when I saw “The Darkest Hour” by Tony Schumacher on the shelf at Barnes & Noble, I was not disappointed. As you can see from the picture above, how could a cover like that not attract attention? Mind you, I also have a mild obsession with World War II and Nazi fiction. Now, here is the part where you get to openly judge me while in front of your computer. I’ll give you minute to get the judgment out of the way………………………………….OK, now onto the Nazi book!

“The Darkest Hour” takes place in a future where the Nazi’s have won WWII and they have occupied Great Britain, and have proceeded to establish their rule and reign over the British people. The main character, John Henry Rossett, works for the Nazi occupied British government for their Department of Jewish Affairs. Once a decorative war hero and former British police officer, Rossett’s job now is to investigate, round out and deport all members of the Jewish community in Britain. As a man who is used to strictly following orders, not asking questions, and often using the phrase “I’m just doing my job”, Rossett has an interaction with one of the members of a the Jewish community he is rounding up that leads him to go down a path he thought he never would. Unable to go back to just taking orders, Rossett puts himself in a dangerous position of resisting the men who he worked closely with by trying to make things right from all the wrong he had done.

Not only is this book compelling, and intriguing but it’s a fast pace thrill ride of a man trying to make things right for all the lives he ruined. The story is fascinating, strongly written, and proceeded to grab and keep your attention with every page. Every chapter is another glimpse into this dark world, griped by grief, loss, and the inability to accept the power of evil that controls Great Britain. The characters have such depth, and raw emotion that you cannot help but be captivated of what is going to happen to them. Needless to say, I loved it! It was a perfect blend of thrill, mystery and history all rolled into a nice little ball of beautiful literature. Of course, I am a little bias since one of my favorite books is “Fatherland” by Robert Harris, which takes place, again, in the future where the Nazi’s won WWII. There are a few more books out there that show a world where the Nazi’s had indeed won and it gives us a small window into what it would look like. Let’s just say for time sake, it doesn’t look pleasant. So if you love a good history thriller then this one is right up your alley!

Here are a few other books I have read that also deal with the possible Nazi possessed future:

  • Fatherland by Robert Harris
  • Man in a High Castle by Phillip K Dick
  • The Plot Against America by Phillip Roth

All are well written and give a glimpse into a world that we could have possibly be living in today. Frightening to think how close we would have come, but luckily this is not a future we live in. That’s the beauty of Fiction, it allows us to see other worlds that we do not have to live in.

So the Book Challenge has an impressive start, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for this year! How are you doing in your challenge?? Be sure to let me know what you are reading and how it is going! Please comment on what books, any suggestions of books, and which category you are currently in.

Happy Reading!

Buy it on Amazon: The Darkest Hour: A Novel

Link to Reading Challenge:


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