Fighting Writers & Readers Block


It’s a Wednesday afternoon here in Southern California, and I am sitting on my patio, staring at my computer with nothing to write. Yep…. I got nothing. The sky is a beautiful shade of powder blue, with not a cloud in sight. The bright green grass has just been freshly trimmed and its scent lingers in the air; I know this because the gardeners proceeded to wake me early this morning on my day off with their lawn mowers. *Sigh* Why is it after a long night of being at the Justin Timberlake concert that I have to be woken early by strange men cutting the grass at 7am?? I wasn’t thrilled, mind you, but alas I decided to write since it has been some time since I have posted anything. So I have been sitting here for what feels like an eternity with absolutely nothing to say, bah humbug!

I know what you thinking, “Um… Well since this is a blog about books and it appears that you are not writing, so this means you haven’t been reading” but that is where, dear reader, you are wrong! I have managed to finish 4 books since my last post, but have had neither the desire nor the inclination to write about any of them, or at least a decent size length of a blog post for that matter. I can sum up each book in a few sentences, so for your entertainment, I will do as such:


  • As Red as Blood by Silla Simukka – I hated it! It was so dull and boring that there was nothing to grasp. The story wasn’t original or entertaining in the least, and the main character was just pathetic. She was a different version of something I have already read in a better more exciting novel. I couldn’t finish it, it was that bad. I would like my time back for reading such garbage.
  • Four: The Transfer by Veronica Roth – I read the first Divergent and when her Four series came out I was very excited about reading them, but ended up being disappointed. I, for one, thought these would be full novels, but they are just short stories she has written in four different “books”. The story was okay; too short for my liking and I don’t have the desire to pursue the other three stories.
  • The Fault in Our Stars by John Green – I absolutely loved this book! I cried a million and a half tears, and loved every minute I spent with this beautiful piece of work. This book changed me for the better and I will be re-reading it again, soon. I also still need to see the movie. Which, I hear, is apparently as big of a sob fest as the book; with this in mind, I am still going to go and see it.
  • The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis – Lewis is always a hard writer to grasp and wrap your head around, and this book doesn’t exclude from his reputation. The book is weird, challenging and I finally “got it” somewhere in the middle of the novel. I think I missed a lot of details and themes that happened, so I may have to re-read it for clarity.


So see! I am reading, so don’t just think that since I am not writing, doesn’t mean I haven’t had my nose buried in a book, or two, or four for that matter. I guess I could have written a post about books I hate and call it “book bitching”, or something. * If you want to see that, let me know. * I also could have written about my love for The Fault in Our Stars, and I feel like everyone and their mom has written about it, but if you would like me to review and write about it then I will do that too. On a lighter note, if you are curious to know what I am currently reading, you can check out my goodreads page to follow along my reading adventure (link on the side bar). In case you do not have a good reads account, shame on you, here is a small list of the four books I am currently reading:

  • The Paper Magician
  • Mary Poppins
  • The Name of the Star
  • Larger than Life


I started this post with nothing to write about, lo and behold, here is a little something I have managed to pull together. You are getting an in-depth look as to how my brain works and functions. So, what is the cure to writers or readers block? That’s easy, you still write or you still read. You write silly things about how all you want to do is go back into your living room, put on the kettle, make a cup of tea, sit and watch Leap Year, but instead you drag yourself to your laptop in hopes that’s your fingers and brain will work together to make something happen. With readers block, you just keep reading the one book you started or you go and find another one and read that. The beautiful thing about books is that it only takes one. There are a wide variety of authors, genres, themes out there in the literary world, and all it takes is just one novel and you are back in the game.

Yes, the struggle is real but we have to remember that the solution is real as well. You do not have to remain in a rut of terrible writing and terrible books, you will go through those phases, but there is light on the other side of the tunnel. The writing will come, and books will be enjoyable one more; just have faith.

I have faith in you and I am here to help you along the journey as you are there to help me on mine. I hope you have the best week! If you would like to see posts about book bitching, or other reviews or have book recommendations then please feel free to leave a comment or send me a little message. Be sure to follow me on my social media sites, and subscribe to the blog, if you want to.

Thank you for helping me with my writers block! Now off to tea and Leap Year!!


– Kaitlin xo


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