Books in Fashion??? Kate Spade makes literature a fashion accessory!

It seems that I finally had a moment to sit down and write, FOR ONCE in a very long time. Mainly due to that fact that I have a cold and cannot go to work so what better way to spend my lazy day in but with some writing.

As most of you are aware I write about books; what I am reading, what I am loving, what I am hating, etc but this item has come across my attention and my inner goddess shrieked with delight. A book that has been turned into a handbag!! I am like most girls where my love for shoes and purses is unhealthy(mainly more directed at shoes but you get my point) and I go to great lengths to find the perfect purse or the perfect pair of shoes, and spend great amounts of money for my obsession. But Kate Spade has come out with a new item in her Spring/Summer 2012 correction that has my inner book geek and purse fanatic purring with delight and excitement!

Kate Spade has come out with new clutches that are modeled and designed as famous book covers, *GASP*! First off they are BEAUTIFUL, and trendy and elegant and would be the perfect addition to any fashionista’s wardrobe or book lovers’ collection. I was worried at first that they could appear cheesy or tacky but they are truly wonderful pieces of fashion art. They have made over classic pieces of fiction and brought them into the 21st century, while grabbing the attention of those who maybe have never read them before. Kate Spade establishes covers from such classics as Emma by Jane Austen, Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare, I Married Adventure by Osa Johnson, Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, and The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde.

Kate Spade has blended the fashion world with the literary world by bringing about the importance of reading into a world that may look over it. It is now cool to carry around your books as you would a cell phone, my dreams have finally come true! I do admit that I carry around my Kindle as I would do with my purse and I find that I ALWAYS have it. I know, I know… as someone who is a true book lover and loves the feeling of a book between her hands, the Kindle is easier to take with me! I have converted and I am ashamed, haha! Kate Spade is making old, new again and bringing classics back into the public eye with these handbags. My sincere hope is that these pieces of fashion beauty will spark a desire to pick up these books again and read them, because we all know the last time anyone read any of these was either in high school or college. The classics are no longer boring books that are thrusted upon you, but something that has revamped itself to the modern world.

The only downside of this piece that has made my dreams come true is the price… *sigh*… its $325!!! I KNOW!!! $325 for a book!!!!!! It indeed breaks my heart and for a split second I thought about buying the purse and forgetting my budget to buy myself a new laptop, but no I chose the laptop over the purse book. Maybe I could DIY it??? Nah…. Who has time to DIY stuff?? I sure don’t! So it would appear reader that even though it is a wonderful, elegant purse, reason has won over obsession and I will not be buying this purse anytime in the near future….maybe when it goes on sale : ).

I have two more posts in the works about the Hunger Games Trilogy and the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy (Yes I read them…*smirk* and I think I prefer the Grey books over the Hunger Games ; ) ). Keep your eyes out for them soon! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday and has a great weekend!

*Purses are propery  to Kate Spade, New York…Images provided by My Face Hunter and Bryd Style*

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