Facebook for Bookworms

I don’t know how many of you tend to let the internet run your life, I know I do! But there are some sites that we manage to come across that change our perspective, let alone our lives. This interesting site came to my attention one morning while wandering through the world of facebook. I got a request from my friend Emma to join a site called Goodreads, and out of curiosity I decided to check them out. The site first brings you into a little mini quiz, so they are able to see what your book preferences are. Then they bring you into the collection of books and you can click on ones you have read, and rate them or pick ones that interest you. The point of this exercise is so the site can recommend books to you to read.

Before I knew it I was checking off books I had read and loved, books I was interested in reading and then looking up friends to see what they are reading. In a cliff notes version of my experience with this site… I am hooked! I was already a facebook junkie to begin with; logging on at least 5-10 times a day to see what my friends are up to, what daily vlog videos are the pastors of my London church going to upload today(below is a funny link with them in it), and important messages from long-lost family members and friends that have managed to find me. It is the perfect way to keeping in touch, but now for those of us love facebook this new site is a dream. It has the same theory of keeping in touch with people but it is strictly talking and dealing with all things literary. You can see what books your friends love, what they are currently reading, and even what they are thinking about reading. You can write your own reviews and post them on the site for others to see; it is like mixing social networking along with being a literary critic!

Maybe it is just the nerd in me that absolutely loves this site, but if you read this blog and love to read as much as I do then you need to check this site out! Below is the link to the site, you can always “friend” me and we can compare and contrast the books we indulge ourselves in. So for those library loving, bookstore addicts and people who cannot get enough of a good book then you need to become a member of Goodreads, you will thank me later!



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