Still here! : )

Hello my lovely followers!!!

I just thought I would take a spare moment to type something up real quick for you. I am still alive do not worry but life is crazy and I had more free time to do crazy amounts of reading but now I seem to not have as much, which is a shame. I still love to read and I still love this blog so I will try to get up some posts as so that it doesn’t look as sad LOL!

However if you have thought I had stopped reading then you are wrong. I am still reading but it’s mainly things I am interested in and maybe not something everyone would want to read. I have been reading a lot of books about the power of being a woman in an ever-changing world, how to develop your relationship with others and changing your perspective on life. They are self-help books to an extent, I guess, but they are books written from speakers I have been hearing in my life and at my church so many of them are Christians writers. If you would be interested in hearing my opinion on any of those books or topics please let me know and I would love to write something about them!

Also I am clearing out my library, I made a decision that I had too many things that I didn’t need and a desperate de-cluttering of life needed to occur. I am glad to say the de-cluttering is going well.. I am selling books on eBay to help save money towards graduate school and the ones that don’t sell will go towards charity. So besides the fact I am not really buying books in bulk anymore may cause this blog to come to the slow pace it is at. I still want to write and read for this blog so if you, my readers, are up for the change in novels and the change in pace then I am happy!

I wish you all a happy, good week!!! Make sure to write a little message at the bottom if you are curious about the books I am currently reading as of late! Talk to you all soon!

Sending my love to you! xoxo

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