Reading A.D.D.

I am currently suffering from every literary bloggers worse nightmare which is reading A.D.D, which explains why there haven’t been any blog posts as of late. Reading A.D.D. or maybe known as book hopping is something that most people would suffer from at one point or another. I am currently book hopping within 12 books in my possession. I will read 20 pages of a novel, be bored then move to another, and another and another till you have a pile of books that you keep rotating in hopes of the hopping to stop. *sigh* Very frustrating indeed since reading is one of my favorite hobbies and for the past few weeks it has been my least favorite hobby. I am not sure how it came about or when it will stop; I can just hope that it will end soon and I can go back to my happy reader I once was. But I do have a few posts coming in the near future so those should be exciting to write and I just hope that this hopping will come to an end and I can write posts once more. Curse you Reading A.D.D!!!

Have you ever suffered from this? If so then what would you recommend to get out of this rut? I hope everyone has a good weekend coming up! The weather in London has been absolutely gorgeous and sunny so that has been a bonus over here. It looks that spring has arrived but summer may come a bit early, it is already starting to warm up a great deal!

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