A Book for Thought: Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert

I know it has been awhile since I have done a post but I have finally managed the time to finish a book and have a chance to write about it, so YAY for that. I am so excited to be given the chance to write about this book since I have loved Elizabeth’s other work so much. I first read Elizabeth’s work when she wrote Eat, Pray, Love about her yearlong travels through Italy, India and Indonesia and the changes of her life that came along with her travels. This is one of those books that allow the reader to search into themselves and maybe come to a sense of needing chance in their lives. I did love Eat, Pray, Love which is why I picked up Committed when it came out. I am also surrounded by married people, or people in the process of getting married and seeing how successful a marriage my parents have, I was curious about marriage and how one of my favorite authors would view the topic. Committed goes through the history of marriage along with all the myths, facts, stereotypes, and advice given from others about the subject at hand.

               The scenery of the book revolves around the upcoming wedding between Elizabeth and her Brazilian-Australian citizen love, Felipe. Both from failed loves and marriages before had decided that they would never marry but unfortunately the US Homeland Security steps in and has other plans for them; if they wish to remain a couple then they must marry. During their time of background checks and visas clearance, Elizabeth and Felipe travel into parts of South-East Asia where Elizabeth is able to gain the knowledge of marriage from other cultures and comparing them to the Western view of marriage. She must overcome her worried and fear of marriage in order to be with the man that she loves.

               I knew I loved Elizabeth Gilbert’s work before this book but I have to admit that I think I love her more after reading this book. You are able to get more insight and the history of marriage along with her fears she has towards her up and coming nuptials. The reader is able to see the doubts, fears, and worries that many brides would have faced when going into holy wedlock, mainly that they hope to be a good wife and a wonderful partner to their soon to be husband. It’s understandable that she should feel this way coming from a previous failed marriage and the reader is able to see the progression she faces as the book goes along. The most fascinating part of the book for me was the history of marriage and how it has changed along with society as time progresses. How it was something that was casual between many different people but was subjectively changed through the institutionalization of the church; it was the church that brought in the rules of marriage in attempt to control the populous. It was the early church that tried to control marriage and the married people along with it, but strangely enough only some of their techniques worked. Marriage changed from something families would do as a bargain to gain land, peace or establish wealth to marrying for love, companionship, friendship and done out of free will. By reading this book I was able to see marriage in a new way and how it is different with every culture and every society. It also helps to shape my views, expectations, and ideals of marriage. There are things I should remember and carry with me when and if I hope to marry someday; which I hope I do. If you are married or are planning to wed then this book could give someone insight to the whole process of being married and may answer some questions that you have. I did enjoy this book and it did teach me a lot in the end about this process of ceremony we have been doing since it became important to join two people together. Plus I just love her work so this was a bonus for me to read as well.

Have you read any of Elizabeth Gilbert’s books? What did you think?

I will do a post about Eat, Pray, Love a little future down the line and how that book helped me to leave everything I knew and loved to move across the world to England.

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