Book Tag Questionnaire

Hello Everyone! I am not sure how many of you out there watch YouTube on a regular basis, but sad and slightly embarrassed to admit that I do. I watch many beauty and makeup videos usually from many different beauty “gurus” on all things makeup and beauty related. Some are very funny and some are well… not so much, but I appreciate what they are doing none the less. Occasionally they do this thing called a Tag video where they answer questions about their topic of their channel or blog. So by going off this idea I put together a book tag questionnaire. These are a bunch of questions found on other book tags on the internet, so I put together the ones that I liked the most and here they are below. I hope you enjoy it, let’s get on with the tag.

1)      How do you organize your books?

I organize them right to left  starting from Hardback Nonfiction to Hardback Fiction then Paperback Nonfiction to Paperback Fiction. Then after all of these there are my Jane Austen related books which are organized in the same way.

2)      Advice to other book gurus or reviewers?

Just keep doing it! The reason you start being a book guru isn’t for the fame or the hopeful celebrity aspect of it all but it is mainly because you love books and you want to share your passion with others. You may not  have hundreds or thousands of subscribers but they shouldn’t matter; do it because you want to and because you love doing it!

3)      What are your favorite books?

My top 5 favorite books are: 1- Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy, 2- Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen, 3- Even Cowgirls Get the Blues by Tom Robbins, 4- Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice, and 5- Fatherland by Robert Harris. My number 1 use to be Crime and Punishment but to be fair my top 5 I have read them all more than twice, which is why I love them all.. And I only have read C&P once.

4)      What are your least favorite books?

I have three that come to mind that I will not touch with a ten foot pole: 1- For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway, 2- The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, and 3- Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, YUCK!

5)      Where do you like to read?

In my bed usually before bedtime, it clears my head and allows me to not focus on anything else. There is a small corner of my work area(sofa) that I love to read which has pillows and blankets that I can curl up in. I also read on the bus, tube, park bench, etc. When I have a bigger flat all to myself, I am going to invest in one of those love seats and put it by a window and have that be my spot- it’s my dream investment!

6)      Enter an embarrassing picture-

OK, not quite sure why by, oh well here it is:

This is when I got really into British Politics and went out and bought books about the Prime Minister.. Yes I am a loser which is why this picture is embarrassing but funny.

7)      Which is your favorite book cover?

I have two: Ant & Dec Oh What a Lovely Pair! These guys are UK TV presenters and they are hilarious and the cover just makes me laugh:

The other one is Jane Austen’s Guide to Dating by Lauren Henderson; the cover is just really cute and I just like it:

8)      What are you currently reading?

Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert- blog post coming soon about the book! Also Regency House by Lucy Jago for research mainly.

9)      Reading guilty pleasure?

Julia Quinn and Belle de Jour. I wrote a post about Julia Quinn, here is the link:

10)   Show your book collect:

Warning to all.. I have A LOT of books. HAHA. Here is a picture of my book shelf:

Also I have converted my little sofa/futon area into my work area which is full of books as well, pictured here:

AH! I know.. I have so many books but some are used for the blog, some for research, and some are for work so don’t get scared. I also store books next to my bed on my little night stand thing, pictured here:

I also have a pile of unwanted book that are used for swapping or to sell on eBay. They are pretty unloved but I am sure someone else will want them somewhere down the line but I won’t put a picture of them since they are under the futon, where I can’t see them.

 I had so much fun writing this out and thinking up answers, as well as photographing my book collection. There are A LOT of books but it’s ok; it’s good to be obsessed with something that expands your imagination and knowledge. So those are all the questions, let me know if you liked this post because there are a few more out there I could do at a later time. If you feel like doing this TAG then you should! Put a comment below to some or all the questions; I would love to see what everyone else is reading out there! Have a good rest of the day everyone!!

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