People in Fiction: Me!


        There is always the rare and exciting occasion when we see ourselves in characters of the novels we read. At first when reading this particular novel you might be able to admit that you could see me in it but it was such a comparison that it scared even me! The novel I am talking about Me and Mr. Darcy by Alexandra Potter, which is about a journey that a young woman goes on to find her Mr. Darcy. If you are unaware who Mr. Darcy is then let me enlighten you. Mr. Darcy is the hero to Jane Austen’s most popular novel, Pride and Prejudice, that through overcoming personal obstacles he is able to win the heart of the heroine and the female readers of the novels. It is unclear to why woman fancy Mr. Darcy; could it be his gentleman matter, his brooding sexual appeal, the deep need to “fix” him, or that you only love the Colin Firth or Matthew MacFadyen adaptation of him. I could go on and on about Mr. Darcy but this post is supposed to be able me so let’s get on with it.

               The main character Emily Albright is a single woman living in New York City who manages a book store who is obsessed with Mr. Darcy and Jane Austen. She always feels Jane has the answers to everything, and she even has enough failed dates and relationships to make her turn away from love. It is an unexpected holiday to England on a Jane Austen tour that causes her to have deep look at love and her life. On this trip Emily is about to meet the man she has compared all other men to, and the man of her dreams; Mr. Darcy himself. She soon discovers that maybe Mr. Darcy isn’t the right man for her but finds in powerful woman she always was and finds out what love has in store for her.

               I have to admit that while reading this book I couldn’t help thinking that the author may have stalked me for a short period of time. The similarities made me laugh, by allowing to see characteristics in myself that I would not have noticed before.  Besides the obvious connection between the two of us there is a lot of more than just our love of Darcy and Ms. Austen. Yes I do have a mild obsession with all things Jane Austen and I do love Mr. Darcy but I have to say that I do not model him as my ideal man as Emily does. Both of us are single girls in our twenties, living in big cities, who are completely absorbed by books. Emily states in the book that she packs more books than clothing when she goes in holiday to give herself a variety, I have to admit that I pack more books than I should when I go away but she does have a point to needing some reading variety. I tend to always have a book or my Amazon kindle on me where ever I go, which explains why my handbag weights a ton. There were the similar characteristics of our clumsiness, slight lack of grace and pose, a shyness that comes out when meetings others and our ability to see the best in everyone that gives us our appeal and charm. We have had our fair share of failed, awkward, horrible relationships and dates with men which cause us to shun ourselves away from the possibility of love, but it is the hopeless romantic in us that brings us running back to it. The homeless romantic in both of us tends to come out when we experience anything involving Jane Austen; when we read her books, watch her movie adaptations, or even go on Jane Austen tours in England. Jane is able to empower the woman in each of us and it flourishes when we realize the potential that she knew we had all along. This novel, besides being a funny story about a woman’s passion for a character and author, allowed me to have a laugh at myself. It was funny, witty, and cheeky which makes a perfect chic lit for any woman to read. I am sure we are able to see yourself in one of the characters in this novel. Maybe you will see yourself in Emily, like I did, and through that could possibility consider some change in your life. This chic lit is a light novel for all those Mr. Darcy and Jane Austen lovers out there; this is by far one of the better literature adaptations. I would pick it up for a great summer read when you are on holiday in the sunshine.

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