The story behind the name: The 95er’s


I made a post last week about my book club, the 95er’s and how our meeting and discussion went. I am sure you are all very curious to how we got our name, so I am going to tell you. It involves a very embarrassing story about me and it involves books/reading as well so it is appropriate for this blog.

               I was on the tube going home from an afternoon out in central London. I had done a bit of sight seeing, shopping and just enjoying the wonder and awe that is London. I love this city because there is so much to do and see. So I was sitting on the tube, reading a book that I got from the library, minding my own business when at the next stop an old lady, probably between the age of 6-70, sat down next to me. She kept looking at the cover of my book and smiling to herself, I was of course wondering why she was acting bizarre because I didn’t think my book was one that people would laugh at, oh was I wrong!

               I am sure some of you are aware now that I occasionally like to read romance novels; I named a few in my February favorites, so the secret is out! On that day I was reading Captain Jack’s Woman by Stephanie Laurens. I didn’t think it was a romance novel that would cause alarm judging by its cover and the first 75 pages. The story was going smoothly of a young girl trying to make her way in the world and a man making a name for himself; it seemed like a lovely story about tragic love, but alas I was far from the truth! Finally unable to keep herself together by seeing me with this novel, she turned to me and said, “Wait till you get to page 95” in a slow, whisper of a voice. I looked at her with shock and replied, “What?” She smiled again and asked what page I was on, “I am on 70.” The laughter danced in her eyes when she recalled, “Oh you just wait. It gets really steamy around 80-85, it is well worth the read. I think this is by far her sauciest book yet.” I began to blush, overcome by what this old woman was telling me… I apparently had a rather saucy book in my hand and I WAS READING IT IN PUBLIC!! I didn’t know what to think or say, I sat there dumbfounded next to her as to what I needed to do next. Should I put the book away or should I keep reading? But I am around the corner for sauceville and people may see. Thankfully the woman got off on the next stop and told me to enjoy Captain Jack and the rest of the book. Overcome with shame and embarrassment, I put the book back into my bag and picked up the newspaper.

               I, of course, went home and read the rest of the book and OH MY it was sooooo steamy! I was embarrassed by picking up such a book, but it didn’t look like one of those novels, here is the picture of the cover:

SEE! Does this cover say, “Underneath this cover, I am full of sex appeal that will make you blush and raise your body temperature.” It doesn’t! I later told this story to my cousin Emily and her husband Phil about the book and my encounter with the old woman on the tube. Phil, out of curiosity, looked up the book online and started to read bits of it off the internet to Em and I! We were giggling like school girls and Phil began to blush. Then word got around about Captain Jack and my story, I told it to my book club who got a kick out of it and processed to laugh at my expense. Its ok I deserve it, reading steamy books in public especially when old woman point it out is  never a good situation. We also came to the conclusion that most books are good-by page 95 or they have something sexy going on by that time. So we decided to name ourselves after my embarrassing encounter with an old woman and a rather sexy romance novel, the 95er’s.

I still do enjoy my fair share of romance novels, I haven’t read anything as bad as Captain Jack, but I know there are some out there. This also taught me to keep my romance novels to myself and to the privacy of my flat; I do not read them outside of my home due to fear of running into that woman again! Also if you are wondering, No I am not out there looking for my own Captain Jack! Lol. But if you feel like checking out this book, be my guest. But I must warn you that you should not read it in public, you will thank me later!

Have a good weekend everyone!

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