A Chance to be Elizabeth Bennet

The book Being Elizabeth Bennet: Create Your own Jane Austen Adventure by Emma Campbell Webster allows us Janeites or Austen fanatics to become one of her most famous and beloved characters. The book is based on the design of old mystery books; example when you get to an end of a passage it will give you two options; choose A, you are told to go to page 22, if B then go to 34. You are able to go through the novel deciding where you would want to go, what choices you would make and who you end up with in the end. Along the way you are able to gain and subtract points based on what your actions are. Each time you pick it up, the reader is able to change the story from where she goes to who she marries. The book allows the reader to marry any one of the famous Austen heroes.

               This book is perfect for any person who loves Pride & Prejudice or is an Austen fan would love this book, and as a fan myself I do! When it comes to being a Jane Austen fans, we have all had the dream of being Elizabeth at one point or another. Who could blame you; she is funny, witty, intelligent, and beautiful then ends up with one of the most loved males of fiction; Mr. Darcy. Thinking back to all the heroines of Austen, Elizabeth is always the one we wish we were a bit more like; she is the one we look up to as a role model of being a great woman. This book is specially designed so that you, as the reader, are able to fulfill you dream of being her; even just for a little while. It is fun and allows you to actually decide the progression and the ending of the story. Maybe you prefer Mr. Knightly or Captain Wentworth over Mr. Darcy and this book, as Elizabeth, you have the opportunity to be with one of them. It’s an interactive book that encourages the reader to become involved in your favorite novels. How many of us have wished that at one point or another that we were our favorite characters? Maybe we would have done something differently than the author had thought or we would have gone down a different path. This book is just an easy way to experience Pride & Prejudice from a new perspective. The original is a classic in its own right but Being Elizabeth Bennet has re-invented a classic work of fiction. There is the ever-growing re-invention of Jane Austen novels, from sequels of her novels to the male perspectives and even fun, interaction novels like this one. If you love Jane Austen, then I would track down this book! I bought it on eBay but I am sure you can find it on Amazon but I do not remember seeing anything like this in any recent book store. So for the Austen fan that has it all… you should own this book and become one of the greatest female characters in British fiction.

2 thoughts on “A Chance to be Elizabeth Bennet

  1. Hi Kaitlin – I’m always looking for new books to read and of course I am a huge Austen fan. I tried to look this up on our library website, but it didn’t come up, so I looked under author name. It must have a different title here in the USA, because what came up sounds exactly like your book description: “Lost in Austen: Create your own Jane Austen Adventure”. I requested it online and i’m the first in the queue! Thanks for this blog!


    1. Rebecca- Glad you are looking into it! I am a HUGE Austen fan.. more then I give off so I have tons of other Austen books-if you want recomendations for other Austen books.. let me know! Have a good day!!


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