My Friends in Fiction: Celine

I have decided to create a few blog posts about my friends and how some great works of fiction reminds me of them. I thought the first post would be about my dear friend Celine and how she reminds me of Ronald Dahl’s classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. My first initial thought about her and this book are the very strange and wonderful connections between them. There is the basic one that for employment Celine makes candy, like Willy Wonka! She gave me some lovely chocolate over the weekend that she made herself and it was delicious. Here is a picture of it below:


Do they not look amazing! Well they are amazing, and this is coming from someone who is a very experience Choc-o-holic.  I am always grateful for the little samples I get from her every once in a while, but it is more than just the chocolate that allows there to be a connection between Celine and the book. She has a connection with the main character of Charlie Bucket. They are sweet, selfless, patient, kind and above all lovely to be around. When reading the book you cannot help but want to be Charlie’s friend because he seems to be a genuinely nice person, Celine is the same exact way. Charlie puts the well-being of others before him and wants the best for those in his life. They are both loyal to those who are special in their life and stick up for what is right. They may seem like people who could be easily pushed around but this is not the case, they are able to stick up for themselves when it is needed.  Also they both love chocolate and have great ambitions for their lives and strive to reach the goals they have. Celine and Charlie are both very family orientated that they care for their family’s well being, happiness, and keeping that special connection with their family.  So my dear friend Celine, this post is for you and all the wonderful qualities that you possess. I am thankful to have you as a friend!

One thought on “My Friends in Fiction: Celine

  1. Thank you for introducing your American family to Celine, she sounds wonderful. Her chocolates (especially the dark chocolate) look scrumptious. I am new to this ‘blog thing’ but love any connection with you. Like Charlie, I would love to win a golden ticket so that I could come & eat chocolates with you!


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